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Home away from home sweet home, finally!!!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

I finally arrived in my home away from home, Melbourne, this morning after an eventful trip courtesy of Qantas.

Teammates Caroline and James had to leave me to catch their flights a sobbing mess at the check in desk. Apparently someone had mysteriously cancelled my flight and there was no seat for me and the next flight wasn’t until two days later. The thought of turning around and driving straight back to Subic with a random taxi driver did not appeal no matter how much I enjoyed my time there. To cut a long and almost very sad story short I made it onto the flight after a lot of negotiating, pleading and, I am ashamed to say, some tears on my behalf …

It’s a little overwhelming to be back in Australia separated from the support of super coach Brett and the rest of the team. I am almost missing the simple pleasures of the chants of hello m’aam and the crazy whistle guy at Royal, the sweaty track runs dodging the locals and the endless laps of Ocean Adventure and Airport.

My time in Subic definitely changed my perspective on being the best athlete I can be and I am incredibly happy and grateful to be one of the newest additions to Team TBB but there is still no place like home from home.