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Goodbye Australia, Hello St Croix

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Hours travelled door to door: 45

Flights taken: 5 (melbourne, sydney, los angeles, washington, san juan, st croix)

Cankles earnt: 2 big ones

Airmiles earnt: lots

Doughnuts eaten: 0

Very large americans spotted: Um, lots

Coffees consumed: 6

Heartburn tablets required: 2

Incidents of travel rage: 1 (I really don’t look that suspicious do I?)

70.3 races in the Carribean to prepare for: 1

Goodbye, I miss you already Australia, hello st croix … I’m finally in the Carribean!!!

Swim Secrets

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

First of all, anyone who knows me or has trained with me will tell you that I am not at all qualified to be giving away swim secrets!!!! However, this is one I have figured out for myself …. one of the reasons why the aussies are such good swimmers.

Where I am staying with Steve an hour outside Melbourne we have at least nine 50m pools within 20 mins of the house and six 25m pools. Once in the city there are at least ten more. Compare this to the UK where in the entire South West of England I think there are a total of about five 50m pools.


Another big difference is that the Aussie pools are for swimming, there are always lap lanes … back home I normally have to rush to the pool for the 1 hour per day the pool has lanes. I have been known to swim laps around the giant inflatable marshmallow man they put in the pool and have been involved in numerous incidents of pool rage normally involving somebody trying to keep their hair dry.


Anyway, I’m off for a swim now, my only problem is which pool to choose today.

Come rain or shine

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

It is a truth universally accepted that us Brits are obsessed with the weather. We like to discuss it at length over tea but most of all we like to complain …. so imagine my excitement when I arrived in Port Macquarie (tropical australian paradise) to race my fourth Ironman in the middle of a one in one hundred years flood. A town an hour up the road had had over half a metre of rain in two hours. Bring on the tea.

Now call me paranoid (or a whinging pom obsessed by the weather) but this is four out of four for me and the Ironman. Race one was Korea which saw 40 degrees and nearly 100% humidity and me violently sick and walking very slowly to the finish. China, race two saw a typhoon blow through the island the day before the start swiftly and brutally followed by 40 degrees and nearly 100% humidity. I saved the vomitting until I crossed the finish line here. Next up IMUK where I was quite literally blown off my bike in the near gale force winds breaking myself and my bike.

So race day dawned for number four windy and wet but not nearly as bad as it could have been. The swim was muddy, transition was a boggy mess but I stayed on my bike for the whole 180km and then splashed through the marathon in my beautiful pristine new Avias … without being washed away.

I was satisfied with the way I felt during the race, so much more in control than before with a solid run at the end instead of a grovel. I know there is a lot more to come. The supercoach tells me patience is a virtue….

And to anyone who chooses to race the same IM as me in the future, I apologise in advance for the weather.