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A Tale of Two Ironmans « Abigail Bayley's Blog


A Tale of Two Ironmans

 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … 


IMUK 2008 was a disaster for me. I started my day over a minute and a half down out of the swim behind eventual winner Bella. I got blown off my bike and rode 90k in the little ring because I broke a gear cable, a further hour behind now. Onto the run I tried to make the best of a bad day but ended up blowing up horribly and sobbing my way over the finish line nearly 2 hours behind the champion in 7th.


IMUK 2009 was my best race so far and the whole Bayley Family was there to see me finish which made the day very special. I was especially happy with my run, a 3.01 marathon another PB for me which saw me finish in 2nd, my first podium of the year and this year only 12 minutes down on the win instead of nearly 2 hours. That’s progress I think.


The weather this year was once again typical English summer so wellies, umbrellas and arm warmers were the order of the day. I felt particularly sorry for those optimistic people who had chosen to camp at the race site. Transition was more bog than field and I am sorry to say it killed a pair of my lovely Avia Rhythms. The mud was always my favourite back in my cross country running days so I tried to think happy thoughts as my shoe was nearly sucked off in yet another muddy puddle.



Highlights of my day included:


My Dad coming prepared with his trusty steed, including obligatory plastic bag on saddle. The ultimate in style and comfort.



The age grouper I saw with the interesting combination of disc wheel and flapping rain coat tied around the waist. So English.

They even named a village after me on the horribly twisty bike course.


I am very grateful to the Boss and Team TBB for even better times to come.

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