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C’est la vie « Abigail Bayley's Blog


C’est la vie

I recently raced the Gerardmer Tri in France with mixed results.  The swim and run are going in the right direction but the bike descending skills are still a work in progress.  I was 4th again, another day another dollar (just not as many as I would have liked!!!).  Next stop is South Korea.

Our journey to beautiful Jeju went something like this:


7pm   Hotel pickup

7.15pm  Turn around and return to hotel to pick up new (late) passenger.

7.30pm  Hotel re-pickup and we’re off …. again

7.45pm negotiations, which train station first, Colmar(for the late person) or Mulhouse (for us)

7.46pm we win, Mulhouse it is.  A spectacular drive along a ridge road at over 1000m, we have a panoramic view of France

8.01pm  Flashing lights and a long queue of traffic. A nasty accident.  A bit of a hold up as a tow truck drags a car out of a 200m deep ravine. 

8.30pm  Re-start with a very stressed out french driver driving somewhat recklessly trying to get us to our train

8.50pm Miss train from Mulhouse, still in van

9.15pm  Miss second (and final) train from Mulhouse, still in van

9.16pm  Driver apologises profusely for missing train, c’est la vie I tell him in my best french

9.17pm Arrive in Mulhouse, unload car, check on train times.  No trains.  Sh*t.

9.18pm Negotiate ride with driver to next major train station which is across border .. .driver has no ID.

9.25pm Successful illegal border crossing

9.45pm Arrive Basel

9.46pm  Realise French driver doesn’t know German word for train station.  GCSE German kicks in, we are looking for the bahnhof (? I think)

9.47pm Try and figure out German ticket machine

9.47pm Buy any old ticket and run for train on slightly hobbly legs

9.48pm Just make train

9.52pm Change trains, platform 1 to platform 33 (unload bags, re-load bags x5 why are lift doors so damn small?)

11.30  Arrive in Zurich, hallelujah, or should I say Wunderbar

11.50pm Train to Zurich airport

1.00-4.00am sleep

4.30am Check in for flight to Hong Kong.  No excess baggage charge.  Phew.

7am Flight to Hong Kong, 2 low fat low cholesterol meals by special request – very delicious actually, 4 films and 3 hours sleep

6am next day arrive Hong Kong

9am flight to Seoul

12.30 pm Bus from Seoul ICN to Gimpo. I call it a bus, they call it a limousine!

4pm Flight to Jeju

6pm Boss picks us up at Jeju airport and takes us to camp

… where the real adventure starts again.

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