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A sparkling warm Jeju welcome « Abigail Bayley's Blog


A sparkling warm Jeju welcome

Well here I am on the tropical Asian paradise island of Jeju.  Our pre Kona camp couldn’t be in any more ideal a location … sunny skies, high humidity and an island “breeze”, smooth fast roads with plenty of hills, a fantastic 50m pool, 2 running tracks, intriguing local cuisine (chilli with your pork neck?) and above all a very warm welcome.  What lucky triathletes we are!!

Korean tourism seems based around three simple principles “Korea Sparkling” which Jeju epitomises:

“Sparkling people:  passionate and warm hearted Koreans”.  Team TBB couldn’t have been welcomed here more warmly.  They even wanted to make a film about us and our training here. 

“Sparkling culture: 5000 years of creative and unique culture” On almost every corner, bridge or roundabout lurks a dol-harrubang (or stone grandfather) enormous carvings of volcanic rock sculpted for centuries for protection from misfortune as well as bringers of fertility. 

“Sparkling nature: the changing faces of Korean landscapes to the tune of the peninsula’s four seasons” luckily for us we are here in autumn.  Beautiful warm days and cooler evenings … it even snows here in the winter!

 Jeju  is known as the honeymoon island or Island of Love to Koreans.  People flock here in there thousands to experience the generosity of the people, the scenic beauty of the island and its multiple attractions, and the wonderful fruit (especially the oranges – so so good) famed throughout Korea. 

For us however the honeymoon is well and truly over and the hard work has definitely begun, but what better place to do it?

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