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Getting in the Singapore Swing

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Post Kona I headed off to Singapore where Steve has now become a working man. We arrived here a little over a week ago and so far the city has lived up to its reputation as being hot and very humid, congested and full of rules … and I couldn’t be any happier here!

Singapore has a population of 4.8 million and is among the world’s twentieth smallest countries (just under 682km sq) and has upwards of 10 million visitors per year. That’s a lot of people (I’m sure at least half of them must have been at the Bedok running track the other day but that is another blog altogether!!) in not a lot of space…


It has been a relief to get back into training and every session leaves me a slippery mess as my pastey English genes fight to get used to the 30+ degree temperatures and the 75% + humidity. I very rapidly came to the conclusion that if I can train well here I can race well anywhere. 


Admittedly most roads are too busy and congested to train on but to make up for that there is an amazing network of bike paths along the coast and some quieter airport service roads. I am happy to report I have even found some hills. Plus there is always the trusty turbo.


As for the rules, they make Singapore the city it is. Clean and almost crime free. Littering commands a fine of up to $1000 Singapore dollars for the first offence and if you are a repeat offender you can expect to pay $2000 and enjoy some “corrective work”. No spitting, no jaywalking ($20 fine – headline news in the Straits Times was how fines were up by 1000 people for this month alone compared to last year).


Even tortoises have to do the right thing here …..



There are a few things of course I wasn’t expecting.


Turns out in Singapore I am a size XL. A blow to the ego I have to say.


Does my bum look big in this???


um yes

um yes

The food is amazing and very cheap here. Stop at any hawker centre and you are guaranteed a choice that will stagger you from Korean to Japanese, Hainanese Chicken to Thai coconut rice. Less exciting is the fact that you can get home delivery McDonalds. What a thought.


 Some choices are less appetizing of course … duck feet or pig tail anyone?? No? Didn’t think so.




Finally I definitely wasn’t expecting to be living on the 13th floor in a wonderful apartment with sea views. Turns out it is pretty great getting in the Singapore swing.

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by day

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