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teamTBB Charlie’s Angels make a dream come true for Asia! « Alex Bok’s Blog


teamTBB Charlie’s Angels make a dream come true for Asia!


This message below is simply a copy of my email to our 4 girls a few hours after their amazing result during the 2007 Ironman Hawaii. I hope they don’t mind me sharing it with you…

I hope some of you who read this blog agree with the important message to our girls. I hope you too can join ‘our bandwagon’ to reach out to this part of the world and say “He, Asian boys and girls, you too can dream about turning your passion for the sport of triathlon into an amazing journey”. This is not about everybody becoming a world champion, but about each one to enjoy this amazing sport in their our own personal way.

teamTBB hopes that Chrissie’s win and all the amazing results our team has achieved this year will allow us to provide Hope and Opportunity to a next generation of young Asian tri athletes, that just like young Reinaldo Colucci or Chrissie Wellington, or Bella Comerford, or Rebecca Preston or Belinda Granger etc. etc. can make their dreams a reality.

Thank you for reading this message.

Lots of Tri Passion for you!

Message from Alex Bok at www.thebikeboutique.com

Hi teamTBB Hawaii Charlie’s Angels,

I find it difficult to write this mail as I have still not been able to comprehend what the 4 of you have achieved today out there in the years biggest and toughest triathlon race of the year…

But I guess two wheels at a time is the best way to start.

The 4 of you have simply stunned the whole triathlon world today in Kona and from today teamTBB will play a complete new role in the development of the sport.

The individual success each one of you have delivered today are unbelievable and coaches and team management will do everything we can to maximize the return on your investment of blood, sweat and tears over the next few weeks. We will be in for a few positive roller coaster weeks but let’s bring to you, the team and our social projects what we deserve and need!

But today’s results will reach so much further than your personal athletic results and gratitude for this experience.

The 4 of you, knowingly or not, have brought the BIGGEST possible change and transformation to triathlon in Asia that we could have ever dreamed of.

We always talked about the impact the world cup soccer in Japan/Korea in 2002 had on the development of the sport across Asia and suddenly from that tournament onwards Japanese and Korean soccer players reached the English Premier League.

Well girls, the simple fact you have all been training in Asia (Thailand) in our camp teamTBB will change the face and mindset of triathlon on a global level but even in a bigger way in Asia.

Big words?

Yes, but this is the truth!

Just imagine this:

We have about 8 boys and girls of the national squad of the Philippines training in our teamTBB camp right now to prepare for the upcoming Sea games.

How will your results impact these youngsters? Trust me, in a BIG way: emotionally, physically, spiritually and athletically.

Finally, these young Asian athletes now realize some of the world’s best tri athletes are not some magazine pin-ups in some US based tri magazines. No, these world class athletes are Chrissie, Rebecca, Belinda and Hillary who train in the same camp as they do. And guess what? They met some of you in the Philippines and other countries across Asia earlier this year and they were touched the very first time by you when they met you!

You have all have become their role model and ‘their’ Tri-hero’s, you have inspired and touched these and many other young kids in a way you might not be able to understand to the fullest yet. You girls gave millions of Asian girls the BELIEVE today that they count, they too can dream and they do not have to settle for a thought that tri champions are only born in California or Boulder. No, they live and train in Thailand and are normal people who eat, drink, train and train. Their hero’s are real and why can these Pilipino girls one day not be the Asian version of one of you?

If we dare to believe and feel inspired by what you achieved today and every one else that is involved in teamTBB, than our dreams will simply become a reality. I know our dreams are a size too big, so we can grow into them. And the 4 of you showed the world today that this statement is not some fluffy positive thinking statement, but a simple truth!

Our team can now invite other national federations for training camps in 2008 with the world’s leading tri team in…. Yes Asia!

This allows us to put in place a well organized and funded teamTBB Athlete Development Program under the world’s most amazing coach, which can inspire millions of children in Asia.

Having lived in Asia for >12 years, this day will make sometimes shy or modest Asia so proud and I’m certain will instill a BELIEVE SYSTEM that teamTBB does indeed deliver HOPE and OPPORTUNITY to young kids in Asia.

Chrissie, congrats on a stunning opening season and a win today that not many could have described or dared to predict, except two people: You and Brett. You rock girl and the start of sport careers of Tiger Woods or F1 racer Hamilton are fair comparisons… But your heart speaks to the world in a way that has touched millions around the globe who saw you finish a few hours ago.

Rebecca, what a wonderful year for you with defending your title successfully in IM Switzerland and what a finish of this epic race in Hawaii, you are amazing and have still not tapped into your fullest potential!

Belinda, you delivered simply an unbelievable and inspiring result today which can only be seen as the amazing completion of a super season. You have inspired so many in the sport to date and we know you are far from done yet!

Hillary, again no words for your performance: top 20 in this super field. I know you are dammed proud of what you did out there and rightfully so!! Please continue to inspire so many age groupers around the world…

To rap up, I thank the 4 of you for making a 9 months old baby called “teamTBB” not only grow up very fast, but to show us the way in the development of our sport and kids in a part of the world that so desperately wants to be part of this global excitement called triathlon.



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