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training – expect the unexpected

Ya gotta love riding in Darwin, Australia!

Having just escaped a big lightning storm with lightning so close that the hairs on my arms went vertical, and deafening thunder with every lightning flash, hubby Stuey and I noticed some action blocking the bike path just ahead – 3 guys very focused on something.  Had someone come off their bike?  Had the lightning hit someone?  What was going on?

This is what we saw ….

A 2m saltwater crocodile on the bike path escaping to a creek.  Guys had one holding pole around its mouth

Of course we stayed to see the action, not that we could get past anyway;  he was a very frisky fella, thrashing his tail from side to side and rolling in a “death roll”

Guys coax the croc out of the creek, but their holding pole looks very flimsy and this croc has attitude!

One of the guys straddles the croc to hold him down, another holds the thrashing tail, whilst the third prepares the duct tape to secure the jaws

Guy trying to get a hessian sack over the crocs eyes, as once the eyes are covered it calms the croc down quite a bit, and makes it harder for the croc to “target” its biting end at someone, and makes everything a bit easier

Eyes are covered, at least for the moment, whilst a guy readies to tape the jaws shut

Taping the jaws takes all the effort of three big guys

Jaws secured, now to tape the back legs and cramp the running (and rolling) style of this non-cooperative reptile

Time for a breather after a very tough lactate set with no recovery breaks

Bit of tidying up – recover equipment, tape blindfold on, job well done!

Photo time – path is just over 2m (6foot 7inches) wide, so this little fella would be around 2m

How I feel after a hard session by the Doc; minus the duct tape and blindfold of course!

Only in Darwin …

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