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Travels and Pennsylvania « Ali Fitch's Blog


Travels and Pennsylvania

Now in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, preparing for Pocono 70.3 at the end of the month.  It has been a frustrating  couple months of rehabilitation following three painful disc bulges that stopped me completing both IM Lake Placid and Cebu 70.3 (boooo!).  Now my back is recovering  and I am keen to get back to racing.

I used my rehab constructively – Coeur d’Alene was a tough period with my injury as although the pain subsides, the disc remains unstable and can easily be aggravated if you do the wrong thing or too much of the right thing.  It took a lot of discipline to hasten slowly!  So after a couple of initial ‘rest’ weeks   Stuey and I went down to Pasadena and caught up with on old friend of my mum’s (from the 1950’s!), then to San Diego to catch up with Stuey’s 91 year young uncle, and some of his cousins.

Then we flew over to Pennsylvania where we caught up with my uncle in Harrisburg, my aunt in Huntingdon (where we spent a very pleasant week gradually riding, running and swimming again), then on to Stroudsburg here to prepare for my next event.

Weather here is cooling quickly to us tropical types, but the pre-autumn (fall) scenery around eastern Pennsylvania is stunning, and very different to what is “normal” to us in Australia.  The hilly terrain is relentless.

Today is it raining but off to pool for swimming session.

Picture of Stuey and me on footbridge over the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Stuey is feeling very cocky, as we raced across and he won, cheating of course.

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