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Dhill Anderson T. Lee – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Dhill Anderson T. Lee

Age – 21

Lives – Manila, Philippines


Family of 4 – Mom, dad, me and my lil bro

Time in triathlon – 7months.

Dhill is the oldest member of the team.  He comes from a competitive swimming background and is VERY good in the water!

I first met him at the Pico de Loro triathlon in April.  He was competing in a relay doing the swim leg and the first impression he left with me was a huge big cheesy smile, and a consuming passion for the sport of triathlon.

Dhill has faith that this is the path God has chosen for him, and he couldn’t be happier.


1       Its nearing the end of 2012, how has this new experience been going for you?

Great!  Seeing a lot of improvement.  Gonna work hard for my dreams.

2       What is your favorite of the 3 sports in triathlon?

Now I enjoy running.

3       Is your favorite sport your strength too?

Nope, swimming is.

4       We had a great camp in Pico de Loro earlier this year where you got to meet and spend quality time with Coach Brett and Coach Matt.  Have you had a chance since to have some training sessions/camp with Coach Matt?  What did you do?  How was it?

Yes, I’ve had 5 training camps with Coach Matt now.  Just got back from a 10-day camp.  Learned a lot not just in the sport, but also in life.  Saw a lot of improvement within the sport as well.  Always great!

5       I know Coach Matt shares some good recipes and nutritional information on the teamTBB website.  Does he have some favorite training sessions with you too?

I’m not sure, but I believe that he likes it when he sees us doing a good job in training, giving it our best and whenever he sees us improve.

6       How have your races gone this year?

Fantastic, learning from every experience and trying to get to my goals and the purpose God gave me.

7       What is your current favorite race distance?

I have done 2 triathlons, 1 Olympic distance and 1 half Ironman.  Don’t know myself which one weighs better, but I like them both.

8       Where was your last race at this distance, and how did it go?

The 5150 at Subic Bay Philippines in June was my first triathlon, I placed 3rd in my age group.  Was happy coz just learned how to bike a week before that race!  Did Whiterock triathlon (near Subic Bay) just recently in October.  Happy to see where I’m at right now, and how much I improved.  It’s a half Ironman race though. Thank God for the results, placed 2nd in my age.

9       What do you do when you are not swimming, riding, running, eating or sleeping?

Draw portraits, chill inside a café store.  Just enjoying the peacefulness.

10       What is a key lesson you have learnt as a triathlete that maybe you weren’t anticipating?

I’d say that triathlon taught me a lot in life, with the guidance of coach Matt.  I learned how to be more independent and have a wider view in life.

11       What other sports do you enjoy following/doing?

Swimming, football (I don’t do football though).

12       What is it like training where you live?

Not the best coz I live in the city, but we’re making the most out of what we have and I’ve been training in an open space, so, All good.

13       What are your goals for the rest of this year?

To improve my skills in biking, and get much stronger in the run, but overall do my best day in day out to get closer to my purpose, dreams, goals.

14       What is your favorite food?

Pasta and PIZZA!!

15       What music do you currently listen too?

Lawson – Standing in the Dark, and Fun – Some Nights.

16       Have any good jokes for your fans/teammates?

Hmmm … learning how to bike at the age of 20??  That’s me! HAHA!

Dhill riding strongly to an AG second at Whiterock


Sunday, November 25th, 2012

From L to R – Marc, me, Dhill, Martin, Nena and Banjo – Manila, April 2012

The Alaska teamTBB  Philippines Athlete Scholarship Program aims to support and assist selected grass-roots athletes to develop into the next generation of Filipino triathlon champions.

Our scholarship athletes have now been part of the program for most of this year.  I interviewed them recently – their thoughts about triathlon, training and how they have enjoyed this year will be posted in blogs over the coming weeks, starting today with Dhill Anderson.