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Annabelle (Nena) Dominique Y. Torres – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete « Ali Fitch's Blog


Annabelle (Nena) Dominique Y. Torres – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete

Nena at teamTBB camp, Pico de Loro, Batangas, Philippines

Nena is the youngest recruit to teamTBB at only 15 years of age.  Of the three triathlon disciplines, Nena is most familiar with swimming, but her first triathlon with teamTBB was completing the 10 km run leg at the Subic Bay 5150 in June.  She had never run that far before!

At team camp in Pico de Loro (4 hr drive SW of Manila) in April Nena was always eager to learn and listen when we spoke.  She has a lovely, quiet, friendly disposition, and loves a good laugh just as much as training hard for her dreams.

Nena also raced in the Manila “Zombie” run in April, a community-participation race where participants get dressed up as Zombies, and have a lot of fun.

Here is a bit about what Nena’s been up to this year …

Age – 15

Lives - Cagayan de Oro City (“City of Golden Friendship” – around 1400km/870miles SE of Manila on the northern part of Mindanao Island)


Mother                            Anna Lynn Y. Torres

Older brother                Jose Alberto Y. Torres (also with teamTBB)

Younger brother           Juan Antonio Y. Torres

Time in triathlon 4 years.


1       Its nearing the end of 2012; how has this new experience been going for you?

Since the offer of being an athlete of Alaska teamTBB Philippines, I’ve always felt blessed because this is such an amazing opportunity, to be a part of the world’s number 1 triathlon team.  And I always have fun training, competing, and hanging out with my teammates.

2       What is your favorite of the 3 sports in triathlon?

My favorite sport of the three sports is the swim because I have been doing it longer than the other two.  Ridding and running are great too but I am still in the process of getting comfortable with them.

3       Is your favorite sport your strength too?

Yes, my favorite sport is my strength too.

4       We had a great camp in Pico de Loro earlier this year where you got to meet and spend quality time with Coach Brett and Coach Matt.  Have you had a chance since to have some training sessions/camp with Coach Matt?  What did you do?  How was it?

Yes, after the camp and the launch, Coach Matt invited back to his house for a small training camp that lasted for more than a week.  We learned so many things about triathlon and the do’s and don’ts of the sport.

5       I know Coach Matt shares some good recipes and nutritional information on the teamTBB website.  Does he have some favorite training sessions with you too?

Coach Matt always makes his own healthy snacks & meals, and he also lets us watch him make them.  Well, there was this one time that he made us pizza and it was delicious.

6       How have your races gone this year?

So far this year I have joined 3 races already.

The first was the 5i50 in Subic Bay in June.  I was part of the relay team along with my teamTBB team members Marc and Loren; I did the run leg.  It was great new experience because it was my first time doing a 10k run.

The second was the Century Tuna National Age Group Triathlon (NAGT) in July at Chali Beach, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, where I won 2nd place overall in the women.

For my third race I joined a sprint triathlon in Davao City in the southern part of Mindanao, in late September.  Fortunately I won overall champion for the women’s category.  It was a lot of fun seeing all those smiling faces cheering for you until the finish line.

7       What is your current favorite race distance?

My current race distance is the “sprint” distance.  Which is 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.

8       Where was your last race at this distance, and how did it go?

I joined a sprint triathlon in Davao as noted in #6 above.  I was leading from the swim ‘til the end of the race.  I did my best to maintain my lead in the bike for there were some fast bikers out there.

9       What do you do when you are not swimming, riding, running, eating or sleeping?

Usually when I am not doing those things I read books and sometimes I listen to music.

10       What is a key lesson you have learnt as a triathlete that maybe you weren’t anticipating?

That you will never reach your goal if you never work hard for it.

11       What other sports do you enjoy following/doing?

I also enjoy playing badminton.

12       What is it like training where you live?

In Cagayan de Oro, the pool is fine, it’s a bit shallow but I am used to it now.  There are a lot of hills here so my bike workouts are challenging and fun at the same time.  We also have smooth roads and a track to run on. so all in all, training here is okay.

13       What are your goals for the rest of this year?

My goal is to end this year with a very good performance in my competitions and to do the best I can do.

14       What is your favorite food?

I really like pasta, any kind of pasta.

15        What music do you currently listen too?

I listen to pop and some rock music.

Nena made up as a Zombie, at the Manila Zombie Run in April

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