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Marc Altura – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete « Ali Fitch's Blog


Marc Altura – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete

Marc is the next of the Philippines scholarship athletes that we are talking with.  When I caught up with Marc he was the quiet “listener” in the group – certainly not shy, but he chooses when he speaks, and is thoughtful and articulate in his responses.

His academic studies play an important part in Marc’s life, and he is keen to do well at his studies as well as perform as an athlete.

Here is a bit about Marc

Name – Marc Altura

Age – 17

Lives – Makati City, Metro Manila


Albert Altura – Father

Monica Altura- Mother

Annika Altura – Sister

Armand Altura – Brother

Maxine Altura – Sister

Time in triathlon – 4 years


1       Its nearing the end of 2012; how has this new experience been going for you?

Being part of Alaska Team TBB Philippines has been a great experience,  I’ve been able to learn from the best athletes and coaches, aside from this, I have also been exposed to the business side of triathlon.

2       What is your favorite of the 3 sports in triathlon?

My favorite sport has to be swimming, there’s something about the water that makes training more enjoyable.

3       Is your favorite sport your strength too?

I’d say swimming’s a weakness, I only started when I got in to triathlon.

4       We had a great camp in Pico de Loro earlier this year where you got to meet and spend quality time with Coach Brett and Coach Matt.  Have you had a chance since to have some training sessions/camp with Coach Matt?  What did you do?  How was it?

I’ve had around 2 camps at Coach Matt’s place, and maybe 6-7 training sessions with him.  Training with him is pretty cool; teamTBB teammate Dhill Anderson is usually there when I train with Coach Matt, and we probably do 3-4 training sessions within a day.

5       I know Coach Matt shares some good recipes and nutritional information on the teamTBB website.  Does he have some favorite training sessions with you too?

Whenever I train with him at Nuvali (Santa Rosa City, just south of Metro Manila), I always do hill repeats!

6       How have your races gone this year?

I’ve raced 16 times this year, and have two more races coming up, the Asian Duathlon Championships, and a local off-road triathlon called eXtri.

7       What is your current favorite race distance?

Current favorite race distance is the draft-legal sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, and 5k run).

8       Where was your last race at this distance, and how did it go?

My last race at the distance was at Subic Bay ITU Asian Cup 2012.  My race didn’t go as planned, but I had fun nonetheless!

9       What do you do when you are not swimming/riding/running/eating or sleeping?

I love going to the movies!  I remember watching Argo, Looper, and Skyfall all in one weekend.  Those were all great movies by the way!

10       What is a key lesson you have learnt as a triathlete that maybe you weren’t anticipating?

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt from joining teamTBB is that you can’t have a perfectionist mindset because “magical” sessions rarely happen, and waiting around for them won’t get you anywhere.

11       What other sports do you enjoy following/doing?

I used to play competitive high school football in my previous school, and I gave it up for triathlon.  I sometimes play pick-upbasketball games.

12       What is it like training where you live?

I don’t really have to travel to train; I have a 25m pool close by – around a 2-minute walk.  There’s also a small gym where I live, so treadmill is pretty accessible.  I have a nice 1.2km loop that’s close by where I can run, and a steep 300m hill to run up too!

That being said, I can manage my time efficiently, and fit in my studies as well.

13       What are your goals for the rest of this year?

I hope to finish the year strong, train hard, and get ready for next season!

14       What is your favorite food?

Favorite food has to be a medium rare prime rib steak!

15       What music do you currently listen too?

I’m very fond of Indie music – Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys, Young the Giant.  The top song on my playlist right now is RAC’s Remix of Theophilius London – Why Even Try.

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