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Jose Alberto Martin Y. Torres – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete « Ali Fitch's Blog


Jose Alberto Martin Y. Torres – teamTBB Philippines scholarship athlete

Martin Torres

Martin is part of the “deadly duo” on teamTBB, along with his younger sister Nena.  As is his family’s tradition, Martin is most familiar with swimming.

At team camp in Pico de Loro (4 hr drive SW of Manila) in April Martin was a quiet achiever who made a very good impression on everyone with his athletic abilities.

Martin also teamed-up with his sister Nena in the Manila “Zombie” run in April, a community-participation race where participants get dressed up as Zombies, and have a lot of fun.

Here is a bit about what Martin was up to last year.

Age – 17

Lives – Cagayan de Oro City (“City of Golden Friendship” – around 1400km/870miles SE of Manila, on the northern part of Mindanao Island)



Anna Lynn Y. Torres

Younger sister

Annabelle (Nena) Dominique Y. Torres (also with teamTBB)

Younger Brother

Juan Antonio Miguel Y. Torres

Time in triathlon – 4 years


1       Its now the start of 2013; how was this new experience for you in 2012?

It is an entirely new experience for me.  It was an amazing experience training with the teamTBB pros and being coached by Coach Brett Sutton and Coach Matt O’Halloran with my fellow Alaska teamTBB teammates.

2       What is your favorite of the 3 sports in triathlon?

For me, my favorite of the 3 sports is swimming, because I was a swimmer before I did triathlon and I am comfortable with it.  I’ve been swimming for 8 years now.

3       Is your favorite sport your strength too?

Yes, swimming is my strength because, as noted above, I’ve had experience with swimming before I did triathlon.

4       We had a great camp at Pico de Loro earlier this year where you got to meet and spend quality time with Coach Brett and Coach Matt.  Have you had a chance since to have some training sessions/camp with Coach Matt?  What did you do?  How was it?

Yes, we did have a training camp, or how Coach Matt would say it, a “mini training camp”.  We did swimming and running every day.  We didn’t do any biking at that time because we didn’t have our bikes yet.  The training was amazing, as the sessions were challenging and aggressive.

5       I know Coach Matt shares some good recipes and nutritional information on the teamTbb website.  Does he have some favorite training sessions with you too?

Yes, it was both swimming and running.

6       How have your races gone this year?

My races have gone well I think.  Though I have a long way to go, I managed to get in the top 3 in all my races and it was an “okay” year for me so far.

7       What is your current favorite race distance?

My favorite race distance is the Olympic distance because I like long distances and it is more competitive.

8       Where was your last race at this distance, and how did it go?

The last Olympic distance I did was here in Cagayan de Oro, the NAGT or National Age Group Triathlon.  I got 3rd in my age group.

Martin & Nena as "Zombies"

9       What do you do when you are not swimming/riding/running/eating or sleeping?

When I’m not doing my usual training program or sleeping, I watch TV, surf the internet, hang-out with my friends, play video games, and spend time with my family. [... and being a Zombie! Ali]

10       What is a key lesson you have learnt as a triathlete that may be you weren’t anticipating?

I have learned that determination, endurance and dedication will eventually get you to the top.

11       What other sports do you enjoy following/doing?

I enjoy badminton.  I play badminton at our house with my family.

12       What is it like training where you live?

Its very nice training in Cagayan de Oro.  Our city is quiet and there are not that many cars in the streets.  The pool is good too.

13       What are your goals for the rest of this year?

I wanna be able to achieve more in triathlon, and also in my studies in college.

14       What is your favorite food?

I have many favorite kinds of food but I have my “most favorite foods”.  I like chicken, spaghetti, beef, pork, and salads (fruit or vegetable).

15       What music do you currently listen too?

I listen to rock, pop, and sometimes a bit of techno.

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