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4 Wonderful Years « Amy C. Marsh


4 Wonderful Years


Today Brandon and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  And here’s the story of how it all began…

Brandon and I met in 2002 at UT Masters swim.  However, we just knew of each other and didn’t really talk to each other until sometime in 2003.  At that time I had done a couple of triathlons and was getting hooked.  I had asked Brandon if he would coach me for the 2004 Gulf Coast Half Ironman.

I ended up having a good race at Gulf Coast and called Brandon as soon as I finished.  I told him that I wanted to take him out to dinner when I got back to town to ‘thank him’ for his coaching.  Now in the back of my mind, I thought this was a date.  I know guys think a bit differently and may be a bit slow on these types of situations.  But… Brandon was telling all of his co-workers at the time that it wasn’t a date, and that it was just going to be a business dinner since he coaches me.

Well, we ended up going to eat and 2+ hours later we were done.  I came home from the ‘date’ telling my friends that I didn’t want to see him again because I didn’t think he liked me, was talking about other girls he’s tried to date, blah blah blah.  Brandon on the other hand, went and told all his co-workers that it was a date since we spent 2+ hours together just talking and hanging out.

A couple of days later, I got a phone call from Brandon asking if I wanted to grab some ice cream with a group of people.  I was surprised that he called and debated whether or not to go.  I decided to go and glad I did.  When I got to the ice cream place, I was the only person that showed from the group…coincidence? or did no one else really get invited but me?  We ended up talking and hanging out for another couple hours and then decided to go on a ‘real’ date the following week.  And as they say…the rest is history!


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