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Things That Take Some Getting Use To « Amy C. Marsh


Things That Take Some Getting Use To

The Food- I’m not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, so I was a bit worried when I first got here. B and I have been buying some groceries and cooking our breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Mostly eggs, chicken, shrimp with either potatoes or rice noodles and some veggies. We’ve been eating our lunch’s out and I have been lucky enough to find some Phad Thai which is my favorite Thai dish. Lunch usually costs us about $3 for the both of us. We may try and splurge on Valentine’s Day and find some place that’s about $5.

Coach’s Accent and Workout Descriptions- Sometimes I feel he is talking in a different language…I think he may call it Sutto-lish(Australian, English, Swiss, and whatever else he can add in there). He talks fast and I never know if he’s pointing and talking to me or someone else. One of the first workouts that he gave was hill repeats and the whole time I thought he was talking about running but he actually was talking about bike hill repeats. Good thing everyone else understood what we were doing so that I could just follow along!

Scooters- They are coming every which way. Some pass you on the right, some on the left and then some even come straight at you while riding.

Cold Showers- We don’t have hot water in our hotel room. So, no hot showers. The first couple of showers I could barely rinse off it was too cold for me. Now after a long day in the heat the cold shower is all I can think about.

Swimming Australian Style- The first swim workout we did I had to circle swim the opposite direction that I’m use to with no lane lines. I was all messed up and felt dizzy. I’m sure once I get use to it, I will be on my way home to the US and then have to switch back to swimming the other direction.

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