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Thailand Questions « Amy C. Marsh


Thailand Questions

A friend of mine is a 1st grade teacher.  One of her students is interested in Thailand and had some questions for us about our trip so far.  He sent us this video a few days ago…  http://www.tokbox.com/vm/v4ex1vopoe07

Brandon and I thought it would be fun to shoot a couple of videos with the answers.  Our videos are a bit short because our battery was low on the camera.  Enjoy!

How to say Hello in Thai…

YouTube Preview Image

Favorite Thai Food

YouTube Preview Image

How do Thai people travel?

YouTube Preview Image

2 in 1 question.  Are there dinosaur fossils in Thailand?  Do the Thai people write in letters or symbols?

YouTube Preview Image

One question that we did not answer on video was the population of Thailand.  We found the answer in our trusty little quide book though.  Estimated population is 63 million.  The population of Krabi, which is where we are staying, is about 27,500.

Thank you Connor for all the great questions!

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