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Two weeks recovery, travel, etc…is now over.  Back in Austin and back to training.

When I first arrived in Thailand I blogged about things that take time getting use to.  Well,  since being back in Texas, it seems as though there are things that take time getting use to all over again…

Driving and driving on the American side of the road.  It’s been about 7 weeks since I last drove a car.  Didn’t forget how to drive, but it did feel a bit odd to be back behind the steering wheel again.

Swimming with lanelines.  In Krabi, Singapore, and China every swim that we did had no lanelines in the pool.  Here at home there are lanelines at every local pool.  I probably hit my hand on the darn things about a dozen times my first swim back.

Just as I was figuring out how to measure everything in kilometers I am now back to measuring in miles…except coach still writes workouts in kilometers.

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