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N’awlins 70.3 and Woodstock « Amy C. Marsh


N’awlins 70.3 and Woodstock

I’m so far behind on my blogs that I am now writing two race reports in one.  Enjoy!

I raced New Orleans 70.3 about 3 weeks ago where I finished 3rd overall.  Since the race was so long ago and I can’t even remember what I did yesterday, I’m going to just give a quick recap of what I can remember…

Swim- Extremely choppy in Lake Ponchotrain.  Had a rough start and finish but managed to be third out of the water.  A bit further back than I wanted.  Swim times were slower all around because of the tough conditions.  Was actually glad to be out of the swim and onto the bike.

Bike-   Flat and fast but some wind made it challenging at times.  Was about a minute back from the leader for most of the ride.  With about 20k left I took the lead.  Very solid ride.

Run- Point to point run finishing in the French Quarter.  Felt amazing the first 5 miles of the run. Faded a bit in the middle of the run and was passed by two women at about mile 6 and 7.  In the end, I was able to hold on to third.

N’awlins 70.3 post race was a blast with live music, homestyle cheese grits, and hanging out with friends from Austin.

This past weekend I raced Wildflower (aka…the Woodstock of triathlons).  If you have not done this race it is a ‘must do’.  Wildflower showcases what triathlon is (and should be) all about.  Most people camp out but we opted to stay in a house.  The expo, food, awards ceremony etc..is all at one location and it’s just a big party.  You meet so many new people, hang out and enjoy the festivities all weekend long.

I had an o.k. swim and was third out of the water.  Unfortunately I had three flats on the bike…my right leg, my left leg and my head.  It was a frustrating ride and I let it get the best of me.  If I pushed harder I would go slower. I managed to pick myself back up after an embarrassing ride and have a solid effort on the run to finish 9th.  Not the place I had hoped for or what I know I’m capable of, but I’m pleased with the effort that I had on that day.

I’m really excited where my fitness is right now so early in the season and know I’m getting stronger with every race good or bad.  However, I am determined to have a good race at Wildflower some day so yes…I will be back!

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