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Guest Reader « Amy C. Marsh


Guest Reader

Last week a friend of mine asked me to be a guest reader for her first grade class. This was my first time to reading to a group of first graders so I was a bit nervous…I didn’t want to mess up!

Well, my first mistake was that I told the class that this was my first time reading to a kindergarten class. Never call first graders kindergarteners! Other than that little slip up everything went well.

I read the book “Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit”. I was amazed at how well the class behaved and listened while I was reading. Cute story about how not to quit no matter how bad you might want to.  If you push hard and try your best, then success will eventually follow.  I think I even learned something!  Then, there is always one kid in every class that has to ask…”What if you never lose to begin with?”

The kids had some excellent questions for me after the reading session was over…
-How wide are your arms?
-How many miles do you run before your shoes burst?
-How fast are you?
-How many miles can you run in in hour?
-What’s your favorite fruit?


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