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Planes, Trains, Automobiles…and Mooseman 70.3

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

It’s been a long couple days of traveling and getting settled in to our new “home away from home” for the summer. We arrived in Leysin, Switzerland Monday afternoon after a nice 6 hour drive from New Hampshire to New York City, then a 10 hour flight from NYC to Geneva…it was suppose to be an 8 hour flight but we had the pleasure of sitting on the runway in NYC for 2 hours before take off. After arriving in Geneva, we took a 2 hour train ride to Aigle and then a 20 minute trolly ride up the mountain to Leysin, our final destination. I just got tired writing all of that!

Before all the fun traveling, I raced Mooseman 70.3 last weekend in Newfound Lake New Hampshire. First time to race in New Hampshire and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Beautiful small quiet town in the middle of nowhere. We had a nice homestay right on the lake and only a few miles from the race site.

Race day weather called for 100% chance of rain. I was hoping that the weathermen in New Hampshire were a lot like the weathermen in Austin…in that they would be wrong. Nope. It started to rain as soon as the swim started.

The swim took place in Newfound Lake which is one of the cleanest lakes in North America. Not too much to report on the swim. I started out strong and ended up swimming out front on my own. There were no super star swimmers in the field so I ended up first out of the water by about 45 seconds or so.

The bike was challenging with 3000 feet of climbing in 56 miles (Well, I thought that was a lot until I arrived in Switzerland). The roads were wet and it was pouring rain. There were many winding turns and steep descents that made me a bit more cautious on the downhills. I lost some time on the descents but didn’t want to risk crashing since I still have a whole season in front of me.

The run course was a bit rolling with a decent hill that we climbed twice. Run felt good and was getting faster and stronger as each mile passed. This is probably the first time that I actually wished the run course was a bit longer! I just wanted to keep going.

I just missed top-3 by a few seconds but overall it was a good day and good effort. Now it’s back to work in the mountains before then next race which is TBD.