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Lake Placid Race Report

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

On my way back to Switzerland and have a nice 4 hour delay. So, I thought this would be a good time to write up my race report…

This was my first time to Lake Placid which is surprising since I grew up in Rochester, NY and it’s only about a 4 hour drive away. It was nice to be back near my old stomping grounds as it is a beautiful part of the Country…well in the summer time it is! Race day temperature was perfect. A bit of rain during the swim and the beginning of the bike but then mostly cloudy the rest of the day.

The swim was non wetsuit for the pros. And…once again I swam 55 minutes. For some reason I am stuck at that time for my IM swims. I was first out of the water but I’m hoping to skip over a few minutes at the next one!

Onto the bike and I started to push right away. Well, I thought I was pushing hard but when I reached the first turnaround I noticed that the other girls were gaining on me. I felt ok on the bike but not great. I really wanted to push the second loop of the bike and luckily my legs came around a bit. I was able to get a sizable lead heading into the run, which was good since I knew there were some fast runners in the field.

I started the run feeling great and in control. The miles were just clicking by and I hit the halfway mark at about 1:35 or so. I fell apart a bit the last 5 miles but still managed a PR for the marathon with 3:18 on a challenging course.

Very happy with the win and to now have three Ironman titles to my name. A few thank you’s to some folks…

-Brandon and Jocelyn for calling me race morning so that I didn’t oversleep (which is my biggest fear)
-All my sponsors for your support. A special thanks to Cervelo for being at the race site and checking over my bike to make sure everything was ready to go as I don’t trust myself.
-Brett for advising me to race LP and not IM Switzerland after seeing my bike handling skills and knowing that LP would suit my strengths.
-To everyone for all the kind messages.

Also, congrats to Jocelyn on a great race and only 4 weeks after CDA.

Ironman Lake Placid

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I have Ironman Lake Placid coming up, right up in fact.  “B” shot this short video right before I headed back to the States to race.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally Rid of the Rubber Chicken

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Once again I’m overdue for a blog post.  I usually try and blog when we have some down time or an easy afternoon of training etc… And when coach calls me out on not posting a picture of me with the rubber chicken, I decided to take it as another training assignment and just get it done.

After being in Switzerland for a month now, I have received the rubber chicken not once but twice.  Supposedly the rubber chicken goes to someone who has a “not so sharp as a marble” type incidents happen to them.  The incident usually involves some embarrassment, type of injury or maybe even missed training time.

Unfortunately, I have crashed twice on my bike within a week since I’ve been here.  The first crash I don’t remember much of because I blacked out…which is probably best that I don’t remember.   I was in and out of the hospital within a few hours and only 4 stitches above my eye and some brusing along the right side of my body.  Very lucky.  I sported a nice black eye for a week which was perfect timing for the TeamTBB photo shoot with Cervelo.  Coach bought me a nice swim mask to go around my stitches (all my teammates were jealous of the mask) so that I wouldn’t miss any training.  What a guy!

What a beauty.

What a beauty.

I bounced back pretty quick and was back on the roads within a couple of days…so I thought!  About a week later I was on my way up the ‘hill’ after a workout and got clipped by a car and crashed again (Sorry to scare you mom and dad but it wasn’t my fault!).  This time I fell on my left side just to give my right side a break.  Not much damage was done.  Just a bit of shock and some bruising.  Ended up getting back on the bike and riding home with Tmac…who graciously waited for me to get looked over and talk to cops.  Again, very lucky.

Me and my new BFF hanging out.

Me and my new BFF hanging out.

So, I’m done crashing and glad to be rid of the rubber chicken.

Passing the chicken on to the next TBB athlete.

Passing the chicken on to the next TBB athlete.