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Sunday, September 19th, 2010

After some long traveling and long racing, I am now back home in Austin, Texas.  I will be here the next 3 weeks to get acclimated to the heat and humidity before heading to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Rev3 went well last weekend.  I came home with the win and was great to see teammates James and Keegan have solid performances as well.  Rev3 did a wonderful job on their first ever IronDistance event.  This was only their fourth triathlon event and I thought it was very well run.   Rev3 is doing it right as they are trying to get the whole family involved in the sport.  I hear rumors of more Rev3 races popping up for 2011 and I’m looking forward to taking part in more of their races.

Race weekend highlights…

-Swim was in Lake Erie and found it to be quite clean.  Unique two separate loop swim course.  Great idea as no one can get caught up with the swimmers still on their first loop.

-Fast and mostly flat bike course.  Glad all those hills in Switzerland prepared me well for this course!

-Starting the run and seeing my Aunt and Uncle who traveled from Pittsburgh to watch me race.  This was their first time spectating a triathlon.  Not quite sure they knew what they were getting into.  They did tell me they had a nice nap back at the hotel while I was on the bike!  Spectating is hard…I guess I need to ride a bit faster so they don’t have time to take a nap.

-Nice run course which winds through parks and downtown.  Plenty of aid stations on the run.

-Catching up with First Endurance sponsor Robert Kunz days before the the race to receive samples of the new berry flavored liquid shot…which got me to the finish line.  Check out my nutrition report here.

-Finish line through the amusement park was spectacular.

Stay tuned for a blog update before I head off to the big Island!

Triathlon De Jura Race Report

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Since I was in Europe, I wanted to do a European triathlon.  So coach sent Matt and me to France to do a little “local” race.  B was nice enough to be our sherpa for the weekend. He took care of renting the car, putting the rack on the car, and did the driving!!  Though Matt was nice enough to get the directions and do any French speaking that was needed!

YouTube Preview Image

B, me, Matt, and Joyette drove to an F1 hotel Saturday night to stay before the race.  We figured it would be better than trying to navigate to the race site the morning of the race.  Since the race started at 12:30pm, we could have driven the 3 hours race day, but decided not to!  I said F1hotel.com, but turns out the site is actually HotelF1.com.

YouTube Preview Image

The race was fine.  Matt and I had our own official before the race explain everything to us.  He spoke French, and Matt translated for me.  I won the race, and Matt again translated for me at the finish line since very little English was spoken!  The bike was hilly, and I saw B out on his run about 13 miles into the ride.  It was nice to race in France and get a little bit of prize money from such a small race!  And, since it was paid in Euros, I got more than I thought I would.  B talks more than me in the video below, but you get the point!

YouTube Preview Image

Next up, I head back to the US for the Rev3 Ironman Distance Triathlon.  I’ll be solo again as B is going to be in Wisconsin giving IMMOO as they call it another go.