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Triathlon De Jura Race Report « Amy C. Marsh


Triathlon De Jura Race Report

Since I was in Europe, I wanted to do a European triathlon.  So coach sent Matt and me to France to do a little “local” race.  B was nice enough to be our sherpa for the weekend. He took care of renting the car, putting the rack on the car, and did the driving!!  Though Matt was nice enough to get the directions and do any French speaking that was needed!

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B, me, Matt, and Joyette drove to an F1 hotel Saturday night to stay before the race.  We figured it would be better than trying to navigate to the race site the morning of the race.  Since the race started at 12:30pm, we could have driven the 3 hours race day, but decided not to!  I said F1hotel.com, but turns out the site is actually HotelF1.com.

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The race was fine.  Matt and I had our own official before the race explain everything to us.  He spoke French, and Matt translated for me.  I won the race, and Matt again translated for me at the finish line since very little English was spoken!  The bike was hilly, and I saw B out on his run about 13 miles into the ride.  It was nice to race in France and get a little bit of prize money from such a small race!  And, since it was paid in Euros, I got more than I thought I would.  B talks more than me in the video below, but you get the point!

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Next up, I head back to the US for the Rev3 Ironman Distance Triathlon.  I’ll be solo again as B is going to be in Wisconsin giving IMMOO as they call it another go.

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