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The Aftermath, but NOT the Race Report « Amy C. Marsh


The Aftermath, but NOT the Race Report

This was my 4th Ironman in one year, actually my 4th Ironman since mid-March.  My 5th in 13 months, and my 6th in 5 years.  You do the math.

I am 2 days after the race, and I can still barely walk.  Yesterday we had several “to-dos” before noon, and I wanted to swim a bit to loosen up.  B figured we’d just knock it all out at once, but I knew that we wouldn’t finish everything in time just because it took me a few minutes to move 100 steps.  So, I was very sore yesterday.  I flopped around to ‘try’ to loosen up.  It didn’t work.

I was so sore I could hardly sleep and dreaded getting up to pee in the middle of the night.  I woke up this AM and Brandon ran, but I left about 5 minutes later to bike.  He ran about an hour and I didn’t catch him until his last 5 minutes…I was riding ‘that’ slow.  I was so upset today as I could barely fit my feet in my bike shoes.  My feet and legs have never been this swollen after an Ironman before!  At least I am not alone since Julie Dibens tweeted that her feet were fat too!  I replied and asked if her toes looked like those ‘little smokey’ breakfast sausages like mine!

Back to Austin tomorrow.  I am sure that flight will help the fat feet as well, and they’ll probably be the same size as my quads by the time we touch down in Austin.

Stay tuned for a race report in the next few days.  But, you know by now that I was 11th.

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