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100 mile “race”

Monday, January 10th, 2011

A local cycling team (Wolly Mammoth) hosted a unique event here in Austin this past weekend.  It was a 100 mile bike “race” consisting of 5 person teams. There were 16x 5 person teams that participated and each team was staggered at the start by 2 minutes.  The team that finished with all 5 people first would win.  Our team actually started with 7 people because only 4 of us were relatively confident in our training in the last month or so.  So, we had some substitutes just in case!  Of course we captured some TeamMarsh videos during the ride.  Enjoy…

YouTube Preview Image

The weekend forecast called for rain on and no one was looking forward to riding.  We woke up Saturday morning and there was not a cloud in the sky.  So, the ride was on…but deep down I think everyone was hoping for rain.

YouTube Preview Image

Notice that we don’t look too concerned with how quickly we transitioned at the halfway point.

50 mile pit stop quotes…

Corey:  “We have 48 more miles to go???”  I’m sure there was also a 4 letter swear word in there as well!

Missy:  “I’m not worried about making the distance it’s the speed I’m worried about”

George, in reply to Missy.  “Yeah…me too.’

George, in video responding to comment about balancing…”That’s the most impressive thing I’ve done all day”

YouTube Preview Image

As you can see we finished with 6 people instead of the seven that we started with.  George now has a whole year to train for this event next year!  Good job team.

In the end, we have no idea what place we came in but it was a fun experience spent with friends.