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Update From Leysin « Amy C. Marsh


Update From Leysin

I received an unexpected rest day today from coach so that means catching up on e-mails, blogs, etc…  I have been in Switzerland almost two weeks now and it’s going by fast.  I went back home to Texas after IM Brazil for a couple of days to unpack, repack and say goodbye to my better half (Brandon) for the summer in Switzerland.  The travel over to Swiss went quite smoothly.  Of course it takes a few days to get back in the swing of things after an Ironman and all the traveling and there were definitely some ups and downs the first week I arrived here.

Within the first two days that I arrived to my new place the ceiling started leaking.  So, for a couple of nights all I could hear was drip…drip…drip every few seconds.  It drove me nuts and I couldn’t sleep.  I tried ear plugs, pillow over the head, and then finally got my Ipod out with music blaring so that I wouldn’t hear the dripping sound anymore.  It was some kind of holiday here so no one was around to fix the leak right away.  It seems that there is a holiday here in Swiss every other day!  Anywho, after about two days or so the maintenance guy was able to find out where the leak was coming from and the dripping finally stopped!  Unfortunately, there was some water damage on the walls and the owners came to take a look at it.  The owners felt bad for all the trouble and opened up the other half of the apartment complex that they own for me to use while they fix the leak.  So…my place has now doubled in size which is a bonus!

Luckily this year I have a washer in my apartment.  It’s not a very large washer like we have at home in Texas where “everything is bigger in Texas” but it’s a washer and very convenient to have in my bathroom here.  I had quite a bit of laundry to do and probably got carried away when I was loading the washer.  I didn’t know the washer here would only be able to handle one clothing item because it’s so small!!!  Instead I put about half the clothes I brought into the washer…and they fit (with some jamming) so thought it would be o.k.  When the cycle finished my clothes were stuck inside because the load was too heavy to spin around to open.  My clothes were locked inside the washer for about a day or so before the maintenance guy (same guy as before) was able to get them out.

So that was some of my excitement the first week here in Switzerland.  Everything seems to be working now and training if off to a good start.  The maintenance guy and I have become friends but hopefully he won’t be seeing me for awhile!

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