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Video Race Report, The Aftermath « Amy C. Marsh


Video Race Report, The Aftermath

Here’s a ‘Hey Amy what are you doing?’ video for you.  No need for me to write about the trip there and back since the ‘boys’ already did a good job of that.

I did realize a few things during the race.  The main thing was that NOTHING about the way race day happened suited me.  I am admittedly bad at descending even when it is dry, so when you add the rain that happened on race day, I was even worse.  B says he lost 10-15 minutes by being overly cautious.  I probably lost 30-40 minutes and that is a conservative estimate.  And, then as we did a warm-up loop of the run the day before, I also realized that the 50% of the run that was on trails did not suit me either.  Add the rain and mud, and it got even worse!!  At least Brett said the same thing to me and B when I finished, and I think that Brett was ok that I didn’t say a single word to him for the rest of the trip…maybe week since I am pretty sure we talked yesterday!

Here is my 7 or so HOUR race summed up in 1.5 minutes.  And, I will apologize in advance for the fact that I do need a haircut, I have big bags under my eyes, and I look as tired as I felt and continue to feel!

YouTube Preview Image

Next up is 70.3 European Championships in Wiesbaden, Germany.  That will be close to wrapping up my Swiss summer.

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