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The Hardest Part « Amy C. Marsh


The Hardest Part

I write this as most pros are landing in Kona right now. I’m still in Austin, Texas sitting at my kitchen table. Why?

A good friend of mine and long time supporter e-mailed me that the hardest part about an Ironman is getting to the starting line healthy. I’ve always heard that and now I know that it is true.

The next hardest part is telling everyone that I will NOT be racing the Ironman World Championships. So this post is to rip the band-aid off so to speak.

Long story made short… I’ve had a bacterial infection probably for a few weeks now that may have started back right before I left Switzerland. No idea for sure. I’ve been wiped out since I got home, got blood tests done and just started a 2 week course of some pretty strong antibiotics yesterday.

I struggled through most of 2007 and all of 2008 with an injury. After my first win in 2009 IM MOO I was injured once again. Came to TeamTBB at the start of 2010 and have remained injury free and won 5 more Irondistance events. So… with my previous experiences, I know this is just a bump in the road and will come back stronger because of it.

Thank you to all of my sponsors and my 3 loyal blog readers for the support. It has been a tough decision after another good year but know it’s best. Just taking it one day at a time to get healthy again.

Best of luck to all the TeamTBB pros and age-groupers racing in Kona!

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