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I Can See « Amy C. Marsh


I Can See

It’s been just over a  week since my Lasik surgery and I can already see 20/15.  Unbelievable!

Just before the surgery, I had one last eye check with Dr. Dell to make sure everything was good to go.  I was then given 3 Valium and sat in a waiting room with a few others to let the Valium kick in and get me to relax.  Everyone was chatting because of the Valium (even me which is surprising), and one by one the doctor came in to grab the next person.  We would say goodbye, wish each other good luck, and then wait to see if we would hear any screams coming from the operating room.  No screams were heard and everyone that came out of surgery had a huge smile on their face.  Eventually it was my turn…

I’m not going to lie, I did not enjoy the procedure.   They place a thing on top of one of your eyes that creates a lot of suction and you’re told to look into the blinking red light. The red light becomes very blurry, then it comes back into focus, and then you repeat with your other eye. That’s it.  Yes, it was quick, easy and painless but being able to see what was going on and having my eye suctioned open was a bit scary.  Luckily they gave me a stuffed dog to hold onto for dear life.

The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes…amazing.  As soon as you sit up from the operating table you can see.  I almost cried because it was such an amazing feeling being able to finally see without glasses or contacts in 25 years!

Thank you Dr. Dell, Dr. Cunningham, and the rest of the amazing staff at Dell Laser Consultants for calming (most of) my fears during this whole process.  Your professionalism and knowledge is the reason you are top notch!

Enjoy some pictures that the Dr. Cunningham sent me.  I had no idea they were taking pictures during the surgery.

Hugging the stuffed dog for dear life

Blinded by the light

Eye suctioned for surgery...gross

My eye on the computer

My eye

Happy camper...and still holding the dog

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