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Amy C. Marsh


Jingle Bell 5k Race

December 13th, 2010 by amymarsh

Back in October I got a phone call from a guy named Bernie Frey who is on the board chair for a local 5k fundraiser race.  His daughter, Heather, raced Lake Placid this year and Bernie was there cheering.  He looked me up after I had won the race and saw that I was from Austin, Tx.  Bernie is from Canyon Lake which is only about 60 miles from Austin.

So, Bernie contacted me to ask if I would race in a local 5k event in December benefitting St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, www.stjudesranch.org, an organization that rescues children who are abandoned, abused, or neglected.  Of course I was honored that he asked and happy to participate in an event for a great cause.

Another special part of this race was that it was honoring a good friend of Bernie’s, 90 year old running legend in the San Antonio running scene, Johnny Calverese (and yes I said 90 years old).  Johnny completed the 5k with his walker in 77 minutes.  Amazing and so inspiring.

The event was a lot of fun and quite painful.  I think it’s been about 2 years since I’ve raced a 5k and forgot how much it hurts.  Ended up 2nd overall as a speedy cross-country runner passed me at 1.5 miles in and was never to be seen again…until the finish.

Hope to make this event a yearly tradition!

Me and 90 year old Johnny.  Notice the beer in his hand!

Me and Santa

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33 Thank Yous

November 17th, 2010 by amymarsh

Well, it’s that time of year again to give Thanks here in the States and to also celebrate ThanksforgivingAmyDay.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I wanted to give thanks to those that have supported me this season.  Without the help of everyone on this list below this season would not have been possible or successful as it was.   I wrote this last year on my blog as well and since I am turning 33 (trying to hold back the tears) this month I have 33 thank yous to give out this time around!

So here goes…in no particular order.

1- Family- For everything.

2- The Bike Boutique- For being our title sponsor.

3- First Endurance- For all my nutrition needs.

4- Dr. Seller’s Performance Wellness- For his ART techniques that keep me injury free.

5- Cervelo- For the fastest bike out there.

6- Token Wheels- Most durable wheels I’ve owned as they survived multiple crashes while in Switzerland.

7- Austin TriCyclist- Our local shop when we’re not traveling the world.

8- Avia Shoes- Comfy shoes to keep me running all those miles.

9- Blue Seventy- For the fastest and most comfortable wetsuit I’ve ever owned.

10- Performance Wellness Massage Therapists- For keeping my body feeling fresh for all my races.

11- Brandon- For his love and support.  Awww…

12- ISM Saddles- For making a saddle so comfortable that I never want to get off my bike.

13- Rogue Running- For being our running shop in Austin.  Also, allowing us to coach an 8-week triathlon group while we were in town.

14- 3T- Comfortable handle bars that make me want to ride aero for hours on end.

15- Doc- For putting up with me, his wonderful wisdom and of course his bluntness.

16- Teammates- For pushing me to my limits in training everyday.  Best training partners I could ask for.

17- Longhorn Masters- Toughest swim program in Austin, Tx and fun group of swimmers.

18- Homestays: For opening your homes to us.

19- Loyal Blog and Forum Readers- Your continued support through tweets, facebook, and e-mails always puts a smile on my face.

20- Alex Bok- For all his hard work in making TeamTBB possible.

21- Louis Garneau- For keeping my head protected when unfortunate crashes happen and of course the most comfortable bike shoes that I could where almost anywhere.

22- Friends- Near and far.  Thank you for your encouragement and support throughout the season.

23- George, Brad, and Austin- Best bike mechanics in Austin and yes, I need three of them because my bike gets that dirty!

24- Rev3 Tri- For providing a fun race series that the whole family can enjoy.

25- Volunteers- Without all of you none of these races/events could happen.

26- Finishline Multisport- For interviews and race photos throughout the season.

27- WTC- For so many races to choose from across the world.

28- Race Directors- For working day and night to make sure everything runs smoothly race day.

29- Austin, Texas- Most supportive community in the U.S.

30- Hospital in Monthey Switzerland- For taking such good care of me when I crashed and had know idea where I was.

31- Village of Leysin- For putting up with all the crazy triathletes taking over their village for a few months.

32- Tawantai Hotel- For making TeamTbb feel welcome while being so far away from home.

33- Big Guy in the Sky- Thank You!

So thank you everyone for a great 2010 season.  Looking forward to an even better 2011.

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Amica 19.7

November 10th, 2010 by amymarsh

Finally a blog.  Once again it’s been way too long.

So, after Hawaii Doc told me to find a fun short race to do to finish up the season.  I think Doc’s idea of “short” is a 70.3 or an Olympic distance race.  However, I found one even shorter…a 19.7 in Phoenix, Arizona!  That’s right a 750 swim, 16.1 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.  I was finally warmed up for the race just as I finished!

I thought Arizona was flat but I was wrong.  Way wrong.  This was a challenging bike and run course.  You were either going up or down the whole time.  It would be cool to have a longer distance race at this venue as this was a difficult and honest course!

Although I came away with the win, I don’t think I’ll be making the switch to ITU any time soon:)

Check out a couple of links from Xtri and Triathlete Magazine.

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Happy Halloween

October 28th, 2010 by amymarsh
YouTube Preview Image

Be careful out there!

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The Aftermath, but NOT the Race Report

October 12th, 2010 by amymarsh

This was my 4th Ironman in one year, actually my 4th Ironman since mid-March.  My 5th in 13 months, and my 6th in 5 years.  You do the math.

I am 2 days after the race, and I can still barely walk.  Yesterday we had several “to-dos” before noon, and I wanted to swim a bit to loosen up.  B figured we’d just knock it all out at once, but I knew that we wouldn’t finish everything in time just because it took me a few minutes to move 100 steps.  So, I was very sore yesterday.  I flopped around to ‘try’ to loosen up.  It didn’t work.

I was so sore I could hardly sleep and dreaded getting up to pee in the middle of the night.  I woke up this AM and Brandon ran, but I left about 5 minutes later to bike.  He ran about an hour and I didn’t catch him until his last 5 minutes…I was riding ‘that’ slow.  I was so upset today as I could barely fit my feet in my bike shoes.  My feet and legs have never been this swollen after an Ironman before!  At least I am not alone since Julie Dibens tweeted that her feet were fat too!  I replied and asked if her toes looked like those ‘little smokey’ breakfast sausages like mine!

Back to Austin tomorrow.  I am sure that flight will help the fat feet as well, and they’ll probably be the same size as my quads by the time we touch down in Austin.

Stay tuned for a race report in the next few days.  But, you know by now that I was 11th.

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Kona Flashback

October 6th, 2010 by amymarsh

Well I am finally headed to Kona tomorrow morning.  Yes, I am probably the last competitor arriving in Kona and that’s the way I roll.  Get in, get ready, race, and go home.

This will be my second time to race Kona.  My first time was in 2005 as an age grouper.  It was my first ever Ironman and even my first marathon.  I qualified at the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman and it was a big step for me to take the slot.  Afterall… I was a sprint freestyler in college and my swim events were anywhere from twenty something seconds to under two minutes.  Anything over two minutes was considered a distance event to me.  Now I was going to sign up for an event that would take me over ten hours!

Hawaii 2005 was definitely an experience that I will never forget…and it took me 4 years to recover from it and want to race another Ironman which was Wisconsin 2009.

So 5 years later I am headed back to the Big Island to race as a pro for the first time and I’m looking forward to it!

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September 19th, 2010 by amymarsh

After some long traveling and long racing, I am now back home in Austin, Texas.  I will be here the next 3 weeks to get acclimated to the heat and humidity before heading to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Rev3 went well last weekend.  I came home with the win and was great to see teammates James and Keegan have solid performances as well.  Rev3 did a wonderful job on their first ever IronDistance event.  This was only their fourth triathlon event and I thought it was very well run.   Rev3 is doing it right as they are trying to get the whole family involved in the sport.  I hear rumors of more Rev3 races popping up for 2011 and I’m looking forward to taking part in more of their races.

Race weekend highlights…

-Swim was in Lake Erie and found it to be quite clean.  Unique two separate loop swim course.  Great idea as no one can get caught up with the swimmers still on their first loop.

-Fast and mostly flat bike course.  Glad all those hills in Switzerland prepared me well for this course!

-Starting the run and seeing my Aunt and Uncle who traveled from Pittsburgh to watch me race.  This was their first time spectating a triathlon.  Not quite sure they knew what they were getting into.  They did tell me they had a nice nap back at the hotel while I was on the bike!  Spectating is hard…I guess I need to ride a bit faster so they don’t have time to take a nap.

-Nice run course which winds through parks and downtown.  Plenty of aid stations on the run.

-Catching up with First Endurance sponsor Robert Kunz days before the the race to receive samples of the new berry flavored liquid shot…which got me to the finish line.  Check out my nutrition report here.

-Finish line through the amusement park was spectacular.

Stay tuned for a blog update before I head off to the big Island!

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Triathlon De Jura Race Report

September 2nd, 2010 by amymarsh

Since I was in Europe, I wanted to do a European triathlon.  So coach sent Matt and me to France to do a little “local” race.  B was nice enough to be our sherpa for the weekend. He took care of renting the car, putting the rack on the car, and did the driving!!  Though Matt was nice enough to get the directions and do any French speaking that was needed!

YouTube Preview Image

B, me, Matt, and Joyette drove to an F1 hotel Saturday night to stay before the race.  We figured it would be better than trying to navigate to the race site the morning of the race.  Since the race started at 12:30pm, we could have driven the 3 hours race day, but decided not to!  I said F1hotel.com, but turns out the site is actually HotelF1.com.

YouTube Preview Image

The race was fine.  Matt and I had our own official before the race explain everything to us.  He spoke French, and Matt translated for me.  I won the race, and Matt again translated for me at the finish line since very little English was spoken!  The bike was hilly, and I saw B out on his run about 13 miles into the ride.  It was nice to race in France and get a little bit of prize money from such a small race!  And, since it was paid in Euros, I got more than I thought I would.  B talks more than me in the video below, but you get the point!

YouTube Preview Image

Next up, I head back to the US for the Rev3 Ironman Distance Triathlon.  I’ll be solo again as B is going to be in Wisconsin giving IMMOO as they call it another go.

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Easy Ride to Montreaux

August 11th, 2010 by amymarsh

Last weekend Brandon and I had instructions from coach to ride easy to Montreaux to have a coffee, find the Freddie Mercury statue and ride home. It was a bit of a scavenger hunt trying to find the statue but we eventually found it.  The ride was mostly easy until B decided to drop me riding back up the hill. Here are some videos from our Montreaux adventure. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Lake Placid Race Report

July 27th, 2010 by amymarsh

On my way back to Switzerland and have a nice 4 hour delay. So, I thought this would be a good time to write up my race report…

This was my first time to Lake Placid which is surprising since I grew up in Rochester, NY and it’s only about a 4 hour drive away. It was nice to be back near my old stomping grounds as it is a beautiful part of the Country…well in the summer time it is! Race day temperature was perfect. A bit of rain during the swim and the beginning of the bike but then mostly cloudy the rest of the day.

The swim was non wetsuit for the pros. And…once again I swam 55 minutes. For some reason I am stuck at that time for my IM swims. I was first out of the water but I’m hoping to skip over a few minutes at the next one!

Onto the bike and I started to push right away. Well, I thought I was pushing hard but when I reached the first turnaround I noticed that the other girls were gaining on me. I felt ok on the bike but not great. I really wanted to push the second loop of the bike and luckily my legs came around a bit. I was able to get a sizable lead heading into the run, which was good since I knew there were some fast runners in the field.

I started the run feeling great and in control. The miles were just clicking by and I hit the halfway mark at about 1:35 or so. I fell apart a bit the last 5 miles but still managed a PR for the marathon with 3:18 on a challenging course.

Very happy with the win and to now have three Ironman titles to my name. A few thank you’s to some folks…

-Brandon and Jocelyn for calling me race morning so that I didn’t oversleep (which is my biggest fear)
-All my sponsors for your support. A special thanks to Cervelo for being at the race site and checking over my bike to make sure everything was ready to go as I don’t trust myself.
-Brett for advising me to race LP and not IM Switzerland after seeing my bike handling skills and knowing that LP would suit my strengths.
-To everyone for all the kind messages.

Also, congrats to Jocelyn on a great race and only 4 weeks after CDA.

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