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Best position found!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I just received my new Oval Bars to exchange for the previous setup I had. WOWOWOW! I’ll be flying on the race courses. I’ve never been more comfortable. The double bend bars allow me to really handle the bike well. Descents are nothing, and climbing rocks!

Update and random thoughts

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I know it’s been over week that I’ve written anything, but I can assure you, I’ve been busy! Now that I’m back into some training on the bike, all my time sitting on the computer has vanished. Access to internet is slim where I’m living. To get my butt to a coffee shop everyday is not financially helpful, especially when you’re obligated to buy a drink for over 4 bucks a pop each sitting!

However, this will all be solved soon! In less than two weeks, I’m off to my new training destination! Yes, it was a quick decision, but after spending a mere 5 days at Park City, Utah, I fell in love with the area. Who can complain about living at 7000ft for two months…and free Internet?

Park City is a ski town parked in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains, that makes for some breathtaking, magnificent views. In the summer, the small town of 4,000 is populated with a few visitors and locals that hit the thousands of trails with their bikes and feet. The road riding is by far, one of the best areas I’ve been. One ride lets you get up to 10,000+ft! There is a reservoir you can actually swim in (here in the Santa Ynez Valley they don’t allow swimmers in the local reservoir, but they allow boats! This is an anomaly to one such Canadian who is allowed to swim in the rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, basically any body of water you’re willing to throw yourself into). There are also a few pools to choose from, and get this, FREE bus transportation! Wowow!

Now, I can’t let all the secrets out about Park City, but I’ll let you in on one big one! Because it’s a ski-town, people are basically opening their doors up for renters in the summer. CHEAP, cheap, cheap! We’ll be living like royalty in our deluxe condo with a steam bathtub, hot tub, and did I say, free Internet (this is a big one as you can tell)!

But it’s not all great…the work for training has to get done everyday, rain or shine. With no access to a quick vehicle to pop down to the pool or track, time management will also be a must. Since we’ll be in high mountain country, weather is always sketchy! It could be raining, miserably cold, and then, sunny and sickly hot, in the same hour. No complaints here though, bring it on! ☺ I’m more than ready to get in some high-altitude training and, get my butt in shape…or rather, my butt more shapely!

We’ll be heading out to Utah either by train, rental car, bus (yes, the Greyhound!) or maybe even, hitch hiking! One day I’ll own a car and afford to use it. Until then, alternatives have to be utilized!

So the next 10 days will include training and packing up all my ‘stuff’. I’m trying to downsize to one suitcase, a bike and some race wheels (that I don’t own yet)! It’s a slow process but there is nothing better than getting rid of crap that collects dust…

I’m back on the bike grinding up the hills and getting my mojo back! I have some heart rate caps to help build my base again. Round and round I go on the track with my Doc shuffle run and walking. It never seems to amaze me how hard running is, even a shuffle with walking interspersed. But as they say, Build it, and it will come!

I love wearing a watch! I wear mine to bed, in the bathtub and in the shower. I never take it off. I’m not enslaved to it…it’s enslaved to me (at least, I seem to think so)! Truthfully, I don’t take it off because I always forget to put it back on. The worst thing is forgetting your watch on time constraints…

The best thing about being a triathlete is kicking someone’s ass in a race. Watch out because I have more pent up energy than a caged lion!

Safe training!

Pics of Park City

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Chuckie beat me on putting these pics up. Check them out! It’s amazing there! I may just be there in 3 weeks for 3 months!

7000ft and gaining.

Friday, June 5th, 2009

The party has just started for me to get back into training. I haven’t received the green light yet, but I’m now riding my bike outside and walking. Gregg Moss, an athlete of Chuckie’s, invited us up to his house in glorious Park City, Utah for some altitude training (7000 ft) and change of pace. Wow! Its spectacular here. I’ve never been at 7000ft before either. I may just have to live here part of my training season this summer. It’s a ski town full of amazing views, tons of roads to ride and trails galore!

Unfortunately I’ve had a virus for the last few days that has left me doing nothing but holding my head and hacking up a lung every night. It came at perfect timing really. My antsiness was getting to be too much and now, I’m forced to really lay low and get over this nasty cold. My training thus far, has consisted of trying to drink enough water so I don’t have a constant headache.

Pics are coming soon! Park City is my Switzerland at the moment.