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Back to O’Canada! « Angela Naeth's Blog


Back to O’Canada!

Well this is my last week in the US. It’s been a nice visit but I’m ready to head back to my hometown, Prince George, BC. I’ll be training hard (albeit indoors!) and skiing when the snow falls (hopefully not for a long time)! I’m hoping to join or form a fast swim group to get ready for the 2010 season. Any takers? I’ll become a swimmer yet. At least that’s the plan! With Team TBB’s secrets, Chuckie’s expertise, and my diligence, I’m hoping to make some solid improvements in this area. They’re needed.

Winter training is just that – WINTER training! I’ll have to succumb to the cold and harden up. I’ve become used to the warm, cloud-free days of California and a moisture-free summer in Utah. This will be my motivation for the next few months though…that warm weather exists…and awaits! Unfortunately, I had to ship my bike home already because of the lofty charges on flights. At least I saved $75.

With my time in Prince George, I’m hoping to save up enough money to buy my own car. This will help a ton when I travel back and forth from the US. I’ll be working as a physiotherapist for a bit to help offset the negatives I’ve been seeing in my bank account lately!

Any ideas on winter training? I’d love to hear them! I plan to mix it up with some indoor riding, snowshoeing and skate-skiing.

I could say this past year was a total waste, but it wasn’t. Now I know I want this more than ever and know what I need to do it! Training throughout the winter up in northern BC will be extremely hard, but I’ll come back more determined than ever.

Patience. A long but lasting lesson in life.

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