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2 Weeks up North « Angela Naeth's Blog


2 Weeks up North

ALERT! Freezing weather will hinder outside running. Wear two pairs of socks, three tops and a wind breaker! Oh, and remember to wear your underwear under those fleece pants!

My first time outside, I must say, took my breathe away after arriving at the Prince George Airport. It was cold in Park City, but not bone-chilling! I used to love weather like this… I’m afraid I turned a bit soft. Time to HTFU!

But I have to say, over the last two weeks I’ve gone from freezing cold to actually enjoying the numbing feeling outside. Yesterday I ran on the track and helped a few local athletes. Cold weather makes you tough! I was shivering cold and bundled to the brim while one of the local ladies was in shorts! I look forward to helping more athletes in the PG area. They make me more determined than ever to get a move on!

My first week home was great! I’m working 30 hours a week and I had a great first week of training. I got in a lot of hours and felt awesome going into week 2. My enthusiasm slowed when I could hardly get out of bed mid-week. I’ve joined the local Swim group, PG Barracudas. Some of these swimmers (15 years younger!) are FAST and swim circles around me. I love it!

The past weekend was a bit crappy when a bout of sickness hit me (food poisoning from home-made Kefir). I would highly recommend not making your own bacteria drink! I literally spent a whole day in bed holding my stomach, running to the bathroom and holding my cookies. :( I’m better now…

Next week – week numero 3 in the Great North. I’m having a great time meeting up with old friends and staying with my family. My mom’s cooking rocks, and having home cooked dinner’s never tasted so good! I’m used to opening a can of tuna, getting some veggies and dinner is done. Now I get gourmet dinners nightly! Thanks MOM!

Riding indoors has been great to keep the intensity and get rid of the junk miles. I have to give kudos to everyone here in Northern Canada who is a summer athlete. It takes a lot of diligence to ride indoors. I can’t complain though, my parents have the movie channel which helps a ton while riding! And for some insane reason, I LOVE riding indoors. I don’t have to think about anything and the work gets done. No cars, no traffic, no bothers! Just you, the bike and the effort,,,

Happy training….

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