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Week 3 done… how many more to go? « Angela Naeth's Blog


Week 3 done… how many more to go?

Not that I’m counting down, but today is the first day of snow here at home. I’ve been here 3 weeks and thought it wouldn’t be until November that I would see the white, flaky stuff. I’m mistaken… It’s flying and doesn’t look like it will stop soon!

No worries however. I plan to relic in the white stuff as much as possible. I’m hoping to do a lot of snowshoeing and hopefully skate ski if I can find a used pair. Prince George is full of trails and parks so I won’t be bored anytime soon.

Training is going great. Riding indoors is the best motivator. You not only get to watch movies, but you get to practice a bit on the mental game. When the quads hurt, keep pedaling…

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