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Angela Naeth's Blog


September 5th, 2009 by angelanaeth

The season is changing. You can feel it in the air. The sun rises a little later and darkness falls by 8pm! Less sunlight always equals less time, or so it seems that way.

Today on my run I stepped on a snake’s head. Poor guy. He slithered away but I think he may be dazed for a few hours, if not days.

Lately I’ve been able to swim some in a 50-metre pool. It’s been a great change and the men that go there are definitely in shape! :) I’m glad I have goggles that are tinted!

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August 31st, 2009 by angelanaeth

Yesterday I ran 40-minutes. Yep, I’m working my way up! It’s a slow progress but it’s progress. Two steps forward, one step back. I’ve been mountain biking some as well and absolutely love it! It’s a great x-training tool for easy rides and bike handling.

The other day I was at the recycling centre and couldn’t believe what can be recycled. You name it, you can recycle it! They had shoe bins, plastics, metal, mixed metal, lights, bathroom fixtures, housewares, appliances, E-waste, paper products, newspaper, cardboard…the list is long. Basically, if one were to take the time to recycle what they put in their garbage bins, it would basically be everything (except chip bags, VHS and the like). It got me thinking….we waste a lot in this society!

If you were to go down there today, you could literally find enough scraps of metal, wood, and old appliances to build yourself a lofty home! It makes me think of how much ‘things’ I throw away that could easily be used by someone else. When I was there I saw about a dozen items that I could easily have used as well. But, trying to down-grade to literally a bike and bike box, I had to refrain myself from picking them up. At least, now I know how I can down-grade!

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An old mine…

August 26th, 2009 by angelanaeth

Old Mine

Here is a picture of an old mine I came across while on a hike the other day. It was a hot day but the closer you got to the old mine, the colder it became. The mine itself goes on for miles. Looking inside, there sat some old minig equipment. Here I am thinking how tough days are today for some…imagine working in the mines all day…

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Tour Of Utah

August 23rd, 2009 by angelanaeth

Main Street

The sun was shining, the clouds were hiding, and the day was HOT! … And that’s not the only thing that was HOT!

Today I was one of the lucky spectators to watch the start of the 4th Stage in the Tour of Utah, professional cycling stage race. The cyclists began the race by riding in downtown Park City along old Main Street. The riders did 3 ceremonial laps before heading towards the mountains.

I was at the race sight 20 minutes before the gun went off. What is a girl to do when she knows over eighty-five fit, hot men are going to be in a 200-metre radius of her?! Get there early and get the camera ready! :) I made sure I had my hair at least, brushed,

Dave Zabriskie

It was awesome to be in the presence of Eric Heiden (honorary starter) and seeing Dave Zabriske in his element. He was wearing an interesting red old-school jersey. Unfortunately there was no real action because of the neutral start. I didn’t mind too much. Seeing all these men in cycling shorts didn’t make the day unfavorable!

Eric Heiden

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My ride the other day…

August 17th, 2009 by angelanaeth

Cows on road.
I had a great ride the other day on some lone roads. However, the cows frothing mouth’s and crap on the road was a sad state of affairs to witness. I had to maneuver my way through cow ‘seepage’ for 5 miles. Off to the slaughter house… Even with this image/scene, I still eat red meat… Sorry Bean. Doc orders!

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Pieces of the PIE

August 9th, 2009 by angelanaeth

A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks/days. The weather has changed to COLD, the days are getting shorter and the rain is starting to fall again! I’m not sure what happened with Mother Nature, but she has gotten mighty upset.

I’ve had to take a little side-track off training to help ‘heal a heel’, and my mind! If you have more time on your hands, thinking about injuries, more injuries come – mentally and physically. The year is looking to be a “learning’ year for me. Racing is on the side-lines until I’m fully recovered from this past year’s injuries and health issues. I’m staying postive and taking each day as it presents itself.

I’m keeping up with some training and working on the little things: mental game, nutrition, recovery and coaching others. I’ve found great joy in this so far and hope to continue helping those coming into the sport achieve their goals. It’s been an exciting year in that, as i’ve learned a lot by being part of Team TBB and working with the Doc himself, I can bestow a little of the Team TBB secrets to others! :) … it really does come down to hard work, consistent training and staying healthy.

For me, the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is that there is a lot of pieces to a whole. To be your best in the sport, each slice of pie has to be eaten! …and yummy enough to enjoy daily. My pie chart this past year has been construed into more of a 1/8 inch ‘mental worry’ piece that I continue to eat and leave the rest of the pie to spoil. I’m sick of eating it now and have realized, with the rest of the pieces spoiled, I need to start anew.

So here is the new pieces in my pie:

1. Training
2. Recovery
3. Head Space
4. Nutrition
5. Housekeeping (in the literal sense and overall pie)
6. My coaching and giving back to the community/supporters/sponsors

In upcoming blogs I’ll delve further into each of these areas.

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Cervelo, Avia and the great outdoors.

August 8th, 2009 by angelanaeth

I had these pictures from a few rides I’ve done. Avia and Cervelo look awesome!



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Everyday is a number

July 26th, 2009 by angelanaeth

Well, I’ve been at altitude for almost 3 weeks. I’m starting to feel normal. No more wheezing when walking up a flight of stairs, no more slow moving legs on the bike (unless I’m climbing one of the hills around here), and no more feeling like absolute crap with a full nights rest!

I’m dealing with some heel pain right now but it’s promising me that it’s on its way back to Alaska.

Now on the lookout for the Wongstar… Joc, there a number of fine, good-looking 40-something-year-olds here. I send them to your profile.

It will be sad to see the Tour go. Contador, I have to say, is the cutest I’ve seen. Winner or not. Everyday, I’ve watched each stage. I plan to be the Queen of hills. They need a match for the King. Pok-a-dots are nice, but Yellow it is. One needs both…

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Testosterone Motivation

July 9th, 2009 by angelanaeth

The last two times I’ve been at the local track, I’ve been surrounded by testosterone! I have to say, I love it! ;D Both days have been kind to me. The first day was the speed skating team of 3 relatively good-looking 20-something-year-olds (with those massive quads) and the local high school football team (a bit young, but the doesn’t stop one from looking). But the best part of that first day was the 6-foot black sprinter in lane 6! I had great views for an entire walk/jog session.

The second day (today) was just as good as the first. While I wore my Avia visor, Avia shorts and Wildflower T-shirt with my pink compression socks (a sight I know!), in lanes 4-5, ten stalky but fit mid-20-year-olds were doing a number of leg exercises. These guys had six packs that would put a wrestler or boxer to shame. (I’m still not sure what sport they were training for though…badminton? :) ). The high-school football team took over the infield about 15 minutes later. This group isn’t a great motivation for me but it was fun to be surrounded by 70+ men and me being the only female.

Nothing beats testosterone for motivation. :) Let’s just say, I ran a bit more than I wanted…

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July 5th, 2009 by angelanaeth

It’s been over 5 days now at altitude and my body is slowly adjusting. At first, just pedaling at a snail’s pace and walking outside jacked my heart-rate 30 beats/min. I’ve met a few (a lot actually) cyclists and they can all kick my butt right now! It’s amazing how much altitude effects you, or at least that is my excuse at the moment! :)

The town here has a lot of athletes. Everyone is very active. I’ve seen more cyclists on the road in one day than I have in Solvang in a week, maybe two! It was 4th of the July weekend and that may have brought out a few more athletes to the area. Either way, I love it here. It’s my kind of city. It’s a ski-town with millions of trails and roads to explore. Everyday I’m excited to get out there and find a new trail to hike or ‘secret’ road to ride. When I find one, I pretend I’m the only one that knows about it.

Yesterday was one of those days. I road out on a well-known road (watching the storm clouds every pedal stroke) and followed it off some paved trail. The trail climbed up a hill gradually and gave you some spectacular views of a hidden golf course and canyon. Unfortunately it just stopped after a wicked descent (my favorite!). Looking at the local road cyclists map, the road is well-known. Bummer. But at least I was the only one on it. I’ll still call it mine.

Running is s-l-o-w-l-y getting up there in time and distance. I’m on the track mostly and can’t wait to explore the open trails. Swimming is kicking my butt as always, but at least I’m getting some pipes!

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