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Bella Bayliss's Blog


Ironman UK

August 9th, 2013 by bellabayliss

It was very special to race Ironman UK last weekend with the support of such enthusiastic and warm spectators.
Maybe i am not fit enough, maybe I should not have started, having just finished a course of anti biotics for an ear and throat infection but excuses aside, I really did not want to miss this race. I just wish I could have done better. It was not fun dragging myself around that run course but with the amazing support from spectators stopped me from ending the day early and the thought of a DNF beside my name in the results was not what I wanted. My result has pained me these past few days. But I suppose I am only human and I can’t think I can win forever more.
It was interesting running slower right to the end. I saw more! And I chatted to some lovely and encouraging people. It gave me another perspective of Ironman racing.

ThankYou James Mitchell for the photo at the finish line. He caught a few emotional moments that day! :)

I am now back onto another course of anti biotics for the ear infection! I am still feeling deaf in my ears! I am sorry if I did not answer to some people but actually I just could not hear you!
Congrats to Lucy on such a strong performance. You were truly brilliant on Sunday.
And congrats to Dan on his win and I am so proud of Stephen for being so tough for that 2nd place. Ironman racing is not easy! It was a special TeamTTB day with the dominant TeamTBB men’s race!
Thanks to Granny Sandra and Grandad John for making Charlie’s weekend so much fun. And thanks to Bolton for a nice 2nd birthday afternoon for Charlie on Monday :)
See you at Henley

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70.3 Norway

July 8th, 2013 by bellabayliss

Yesterday I raced 70.3 Norway. It was great to experience this race which was in a beautiful part of the world. The course was great and race was well organised.

I did’nt have the best swim start as I panicked after 400 metres, there were so many people around me and with the dark water I got so scared. I very nearly had to climb onto a canoe but I really did’nt want to end my day after 400m so I tried to keep swimming, after about half way I began to calm down and get on with my normal swimming.
I came out the water with a few other pro girls including Lisbeth.
It felt good to be out the water and on my bike. It was raining so I had to be careful on the corners but the course was good, hard work, no real resting. Lots of peddling!
When I got off the bike I hoped the 2 New Zealand girls I was riding with (Britta Martin and Julia Grant) would be around 4th, 5th and 6th place but we were 6th, 7th and 8th place. The 2 of them shot out of transition. I felt awful to begin with on the run and could’nt go with them. On the out and back section during the run I could see the other girls. The drug cheat was way out in front, followed by Catriona Morrison, and Norwegian girl, then Michelle V, Britta, Julia then me. I managed to pass Julia but no one else. So 6th place and no prize money. A real bummer!
But I got a good session in to help my fitness for Ironman UK in 4 weeks time.
Ritchie did great. Proud of him!
I am on the way home now, am half way, in Copenhagen. Can’t wait to be back with Stephen and Charlie.

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Challenge Aarhus

June 24th, 2013 by bellabayliss

Last week I travelled to Aarhus in Denmark without Stephen and Charlie. I was nervous about being away from Charlie but in the end it sounded like Stephen and Charlie did absolute fine without me! With the help of Megan, Stephen was able to train as he needed to and Charlie got to play with Megan!
Yesterday was the race, it was a half distance. I raced it last year too but this year the course was totally different for the swim and bike. It was forecast to rain like last year so I was prepared for a cold wet race but in the end the sun came out and it made for very pleasant racing conditions!
Lisbeth and I seemed to find each other in the swim again just like last year, we battled our way around and came out some good few minutes down on Jodie, Camilla and Michelle.
On the bike Tamsin Hayes from New Zealand and I rode with similar strengths around the 2 lap twisty bike course. When I got off the bike I really felt like I had my run legs which was a nice surprise and left Tamsyn and went on the chase for Michelle. I never caught Michelle but got a lot closer to her than I was at the start of the run.

on the finishing carpet at Challenge Aarhus 2013. 4th place

It was very nice to have a positive race after such a disappointing day at Ironman Lanzarote.
Well done Camilla for the win, Jodie with the close 2nd and Michelle for 3rd. The 3 of them were very strong.
ThankYou Challenge Aarhus race organisers for a well organised fun race, hope to see you again next year.

Now I am on the train to Copenhagen Airport, it’s quite a treat they provide Internet while you travel!
Am looking forward to being back with Stephen and Charlie!
I’ll keep you updated with what my next race is,

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Sands Beach Resort Lanzarote

June 6th, 2013 by bellabayliss

We have just left Sands Beach Resort after 8 months. Everyday was perfect at SandsBeach and we cant wait to be back there.
ThankYou to all the Sands Beach Team who made us feel so welcome and happy.

Here are some photos of our time at Sands Beach

we spent many hours playing football in the park.  Tennis and Football are Charlie's favourite sports.

we spent many hours playing football in the park. Tennis and Football are Charlie’s favourite.

Charlie at reception with the very efficient Monica!

Charlie at reception with the very efficient Monica!

The Restaurant staff were brilliant.  And the food is amazing.

The Restaurant staff were brilliant. And the food is amazing.

we have met a lot of friends at Sands Beach.

that pool is the best :)

that pool is the best :)

we spent a lot of time in this gym room, stretching, exercises and football!

we spent a lot of time in this gym room, stretching, exercises and football!

Charlie at the lagoon, watching the fish or playing in the sand is always a hit!

Charlie at the lagoon, watching the fish or playing in the sand is always a hit!

canoeing on the lagoon is fun.

canoeing on the lagoon is fun.

One of Charlie's first words was "Buddy".  Everyone loves Buddy!

one of Charlie’s first words was “Buddy”. Everyone loves Buddy.

with Juan Carlos the day we left, ThankYou for all your support.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

with Juan Carlos the day we left, ThankYou for all your support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

At the Airport.  Bye Lanzarote.  See you soon.

At the Airport. Bye Lanzarote. See you soon.

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Ironman Lanzarote 2013

May 21st, 2013 by bellabayliss

Well that really was not the day I wanted to have.
I went out thinking I could win it, but when the gun went off, I struggled from that moment on. I kept calm when hundreds of men were swimming over the top of me in the first 400 metres, but after 30 minutes I felt like I was blowing up, something I have never experienced before,
on the bike I felt weak from the start to the end, I am not sure why,
On the run, I tried to run, but after 12km Ironman Lanzarote came to an end for me.
It was far from what I expected I would do. It was a huge failure. And I am so disappointed.
But life goes on.
I will get myself ready for Challenge Aarhus on June 23rd,
ThankYou to everyone who supported me along the way on Saturday,
and a huge thankyou to Sands Beach Resort who have been so amazingly supportive to us.

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Volcano Triathlon, Lanzarote.

May 1st, 2013 by bellabayliss

At the weekend TeamTBB UK from SandsBeach Resort raced the Volcano Triathlon. It is a very popular olympic distance race organised every year 3 weeks before Ironman Lanzarote.
The last time Stephen and I raced an olympic distance triathlon was the Volcano in 2008, where I won the womens race and Stephen came 2nd in the mens race.
This year was as competitive as ever in mens and womens field so a great test for us! The 4 of us did’nt back off our training for this one as we all have our eyes on the upcoming races in the coming months. So heavy legged we gave ourselves a shock to the system by racing this short fast race.
The gun went off at 10am and we swam the choppy 1500 swim in Club La Santa lagoon. Eimear and I started beside each other and after about 200m she was able to use her new swim strength to swim away.
Camilla Pederson took minutes out of all the girls and again on the bike she took more minutes from us. Eimear passed Michelle Vesterby quickly on the bike and I worked at closing the gap to Michelle the whole ride.
Camilla ran solid and got the win easily, Eimear ran very well and took 2nd and I managed to pass Michelle on the run to get on the podium.

ThankYou for the photo, Bob Foy,
It was a good shock to my muscles, now its 2 more weeks of training here at SandsBeach till I freshen up for Ironman Lanzarote. I wont race Eimear at the Ironman, she will race Challenge Barcelona the same weekend.

Camilla Pedersen, Eimear and I at the finish.

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Challenge Fuerteventura

April 16th, 2013 by bellabayliss

This past weekend we were at Playitas for Challenge Fuerteventura.
It was perfect for us to have such a great race so near to us. No flights needed, just a short car and ferry trip from Lanzarote.

Before the race I thought a top 5 result would be good in the competitive field, so to get 4th made me happy. A perfect tough training day for the upcoming races and a small pay check too.

reunited after the race :)

It was also great to see Eimear, who I have been helping the last 7 months put together the race I knew she could. She has been working diligently on her training every day and that pays off. I believe we will see her name pop up a lot in the races this year.

ThankYou Playitas for accommodating us all, we all had a very comfortable and happy few days. We will be back next year!
Now we are home to SandsBeach on Lanzarote. It is great to be back and we are already into our routine to prepare for the upcoming races.

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a day with the Bayliss’s at SandsBeach Resort

April 8th, 2013 by bellabayliss

Another day of training at the paradise of Sands Beach Resort Lanzarote,

Coach Charlie telling us whats next...

thats the swim done. With Eimear, who used to be a slow swimmer... not slow any more.

a late morning shallow water run with Charlie!

now its time for another run, this time with guests of SandsBeach Resort!

Unfortunately we dont have Kat with us right now, she has gone to the UK to visit her little brother who is very ill. We wish him a speedy recovery and we look forward to having Kat back with us soon.

soon it is time to race again! This week we travel to Fuerteventura for Challenge Fuerteventura. We are looking forward to it. Wish us Good Luck!

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La Graciosa Trail Run Race

February 19th, 2013 by bellabayliss

The bus ride to the Ferry! Charlie loved this part!

the island of La Graciosa. We arrive by ferry.

Juan Carlos and us relaxing on our trip over.

Kat, Charlie and me :)

We thought the island of La Graciosa was beautiful. Here is the view looking out to Lanzarote.

The SandsBeach Family on arrival :)

Unfortunately Stephen and Ritchie were not well so did'nt race, but they hired these bikes and rode around the island!

Ready, Steady, GO!

Saleta Castro and I during the 31km adventure run race. I think it was one of the most beautiful runs I have ever done.

Top 3 girls! Eimear 1st, 2nd for me and 3rd for Saleta Castro

My fast Champion Apprentice, Eimear Mullan and 2nd place, me!

Juan Carlos treated us all to a lovely meal after our 31km adventure race, thankyou Juan Carlos!

Charlie thought his day out was great fun! Bus, Ferry and adventure running!

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Lanzarote to London to East London to Aberdeen to Lanzarote

January 30th, 2013 by bellabayliss

For the past 2 weeks the Bayliss’s have been on the move. The 3 of us travelled to London to take Charlie to his grandparents so that Stephen and I could travel on our own to East London for 70.3 South Africa.
Unfortunately there is nothing good to report from that trip! Neither of us had good races, even though we were sure we were ready to do a decent job. We dont like making excuses but we think we travelled to the race too late as we were both cramping badly early in the race.
However the winner of the mens race Bart Arnoutts did very similer travel to us and he had no problems!
Although both Stephen and I did badly, it was great that TeamTBB's Jodie Swallow was so strong and won the womens race, well done Jodie!

The night after the race I managed to get awful food poisening so that was not a fun way to end our time in East London!

We were so happy to be re united with Charlie in London. We did'nt enjoy being away from him. From London we flew to Aberdeen to visit my family. I was very grateful to the pilot of the EasyJet flight that day as flying into very snowy Aberdeen Airport was a bit scary, but on the 2nd landing attempt we were on the ground safely.

caption id="attachment_629" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Arriving at a very snowy Aberdeen Airport"][/caption]

For the past few days we have been catching up with my family who we dont see very often,

we missed Christmas with the family so we celebrated Robert Burns Day instead!

our warm weather baby had to play in the cold weather!!

Charlie preferred playing indoors :)

On Sunday we travel back to our winter base at SandsBeach resort on Lanzarote, to get fit for Challenge Fuerteventura and Ironman Lanzarote. We cant wait.

soon we will be back to training at SandsBeach Resort!

Charlie loves SandsBeach too !

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