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Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!
Ha haaa!!
…Stephen always does this to me on the first of the month!
Today, ..I get to do it to you! ..well, sort of ! ?!

Today, is also the day that we leave Thailand. Stephen and I have been here for 3 months now. It has been a great and interesting 3 months! Thailand is different from the UK but I have enjoyed the experiences. ..the heat, the food and the way of life.

We make our journey to Florida for our race next Sunday. It’s a long journey, but it will be ok. The race is Triathlon 101. 101 miles! (3km swim, 130km bike, 30km run …apparently it adds up to 101 miles!)
I am looking forward to racing as I have had good and consistant training since Ironman South Africa.

So, good bye BorSaen Villa, for now, see you in a few months.
I will next write on Monday, after my race!

Bella Blog.

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Hi there!

This is my new “Bella Blog” !

I am going to keep a once a month diary and after race report on my “Bella Blog”! As part of our new TeamTBB’s great website, each of us athletes will keep a Blog, so you can keep up to date with us while we are training and racing. You can even chat to us on the forum! log in and take a look, ..come have a chat to us!

There has been a group of us training, racing and trying to help create TeamTBB here in Thailand since December 2006. Thailand is a very different part of the World to the UK! It is always REALLY hot and humid in this part of Thailand! It has been an enjoyable learning experience for me!

TeamTBB is a great new Team. A professional Triathlon Team where we are all race as normal. However we are also mentors and role modals for some Asian children who we hope to give an opportunity to becoming World Class Athletes. We are also going to give some hope and opportunity to some under-privileged children in Asia. (keep an eye on this website as soon you may be able to make a donation to some really needy children, throo us). It is really special to be involved and give something positive back to the World!

Soon Stephen and I move away from Thailand for a while, we are off to race again! First stop, Bradenton, Florida on May 6th for 101 Florida. This is an exciting new race series, which has some good prize money on offer.

Then, some recovery, training and race preparation in Phoenix with our Arizona Family! Before we hit Florianopolis, Brazil, for Ironman Brazil on May 27th.