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European Champs

Monday, June 25th, 2007

This week Stephen and I have been in Belgium for the European long distance Champs. Well, not so “long” ! The official people of the ITU changed the distance at the end of 2006 to a shorter “long” distance event!?
From a 4km swim, 120km bike, 30km run, to a 3km swim, 80km bike, 20km run. So basically a double olympic distance race.

Quite an intence race!
I came 4th.

I dont seem to be swimming all that strongly right now, once again I gave the girls a nice head start. ..just to make my day a bit more difficult!
I caught a few girls on the bike, then a few more on the run while I had the fastest run split of the girls race.
But I gave too much away in the swim and could not get to the top 3.

Stephen however did a great job, I think his best performance to date with a 3rd place in a stacked mens field. I am looking forward to the World long distance Champs in 3 weeks, ..for him :)

I am looking forward to 3 weeks of no racing now, and some good consistant training.


Half Ironman UK

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Yesterday I raced Half Ironman UK.
It was great to race in my home country! I had so much support from the crowds, so it was very motivating and fun to race.

It was a 6am start at the lake of WimbleBall in Devonshire.
I swam not too bad yesterday, 5 minutes behind the best swimmers, ..Stephen and including Julie Dibens.

The bike course was 2 laps which were very very hilly. On each lap there were 3x 14% climbs. It was really testing!
I seem to have found some confindence in my decending and cornering over the past month, so that made my day a little easier, and a little faster! (I have been pretty pathetic at decending for a couple of years now. I seemed to take a long time to recover from a crash that happened to me a few years back)

I was hoping to hold the 5 minutes that Julie took out of me on the swim, but she took more from me on the bike. She is a real amazing bike rider.

I put my run shoes on for the half marathon and hoped I had extra fast run legs.
The run was also very testing, up and down hills and throo grassy fields. I ran ok, but not extra-ordinary!
I came 4th in the end, 10 minutes down on Julie, 3 minutes down on Katya Shoemaker and 40 seconds down on Michelle Lee.
Chrissie came 5th! After having had mechanical problems on the bike, ..you were tough out there Chrissie..

Stephen came 4th also!
But we both were really looking for a better result than 4th.

Well, we will keep working away. European long course Champs this Sunday, then to Switzerland to train with the Team, cant wait!