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Ironman UK

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

I could not be happier!!
It was SO special to win Ironman in my home counrty!

I went into the race feeling determined and strong. But different to normal! As I have had an injury in my hamstring for the past few months, and for the past 8 weeks my training has not been normal.

When it came to the race weekend, I felt calm and down to earth. I think the injury has made me realise how much I really love what I do. I love to train and I love to race.
Having the possibility that I may not race Ironman UK was so upsetting. Just to be there and aiming at a podium made me SO happy.

I came out the water really close to Hillary. That was my best swim ever! One thing I have been able to do while being injured, is SWIM!! So that showed!

I got on my Cervelo and really enjoyed riding it. The plan was to go steady, not crazy. I found myself in the lead by mile 20. That is a first! Never have a led an Ironman so early.
At mile 100 a girl overtook me. I felt like I was flying, but this girl was something else! Very very stong.
I was pretty mad actaully. She was ruining my plan. I had sort of told myself at this stage that this could be my race.
I let her go. There was no way I could go with her.
I concentrating finishing my ride off.

As soon as I began to run, my running legs were there. The girl, Karin Gerber, had taken 5 minutes from me in 12 miles!
I was very happy to see her at mile 5 on the run. I gave her nothing. I ran past her fast and left her in my dust, actaully it was not dust. It was lots of mud because it was a wet English muddy track we were running down!

I had to concentrate. I had to get myself to the finish line now. And hopefully in first place. I was desperate to hold on. At mile 13 my hamstring was really tightening up. But I kept myself together and tried to run in a way that would not hurt the hamstring more.
I know Hillary is strong and if I gave here a chance, she would come and get me. On the out and backs I would see her so I kept the pressure on so that the gap was comfortable for me.

I wanted this race so much. I had my chance and I took it. It was amazing, great and brilliant to cross that line in first place.
A very special win in my home country and after such a testing time with my first ever injury.


Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Well, a group of us went out for dinner last night, to join in a little with the Switzerland Day.
Lovely meal, ..I thought. But last night and this morning is NOT good.

Was meant to be leaving for London to give a talk at London Triathlon. Not going to be happening. Sorry guys.

1st August and Switzerland Day

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Today is the first day of summer! ..it seems! It is hot, sunny and, like a summers day! bit late, but better late than never!
Its a perfect day for this big celebration day! I was woken up to this special day by what I thought was someone breaking in to our house, but no, maybe bombs going off ..but no, just the 1st of August being “brought” in! Yeayyy!?!?!!
So many people are out enjoying them selves. Sam is getting to celebrate by doing the Switzerland Celebration Mountain Running Race! ..I wonder how that has gone! (I have heard it is a bit of an aventure !)

Once again, I am Stephen-less. He has gone on his adventures with Reinaldo for the week. And actually, as I speak they are racing too! Go boys!!
..I will let him tell his stories!

I have 19 days till IM UK. I am excited to race. Yes, I have been injured, but it is getting better.
I was’nt on holiday, or even resting while I had this injury, so the other girls racing IM UK cant count me out!! Ha!