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Ironman Western Australia

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

My final race of the year! Ironman Western Australia. 6th Ironman of the year!

We had a suposedly simple travel from our Thailand base to Perth. Well, it turned out not so easy! We were stopped as we were about to board our flight in Kuala Lumpur, …as we did not have Visas for entering Australia. Arghhhhhh!!! I am mad with Expedia.com for not making us aware of it, and the check-in girl at Phuket Airport for not noticing it. Anyway, we were not able to get on our flight. We then had to go organise our Visa and get on another flight.
We arrived to Perth later than we wanted. But what can you do. You get on with the cards you are dealt, and deal with it best and calmly as possible.

My race set off ok, I made a fine swim pack, but was at the back of it, I presume. The 2 people I was on the feet off, turned out to be not so strong and dropped off the back of the pack, I then sprinted round them but by then it is too late to make it back on. I kept the pack in sight the whole way round but it is not the best when you are swimming all alone. Much faster for me to be in a pack. That was annoying.

My bike ride was going ok, till I heard a “snap” and my handle bars came loose. I tried to ride with them, but they came looser and were dangerous. I had to stop at the next mechanical stop. They had trouble tightening it. I presumed my race was over and my stem was broken, but suddenly they found a position that held, Phew!!! My position was now a bit different! but I was on my way.
I lost some more time to the other girls on the bike, and the girls ahead were riding well.

I did my best on the run, tried to pace it well with a close to 3 hour marathon in my mind. I was on till the final 14km lap. And I seemed to slip. However I was able to work myself into 3rd position, but I was not going to catch the 2 girls ahead as they were running like the way I WANT to run!!!

Stephen and I are going to enjoy our final few days here in Bussleton. It is a very nice place. Then we make our way to Perth, Scotland to visit my sister and her 3 month old baby that we have not met yet!