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Ironman Lanzarote 2008 « Bella Bayliss's Blog


Ironman Lanzarote 2008

I am just home to Switzerland after a very busy, but great week on the island of Lanzarote!

Our trip did’nt start quite 100% perfect.
We were welcomed by Iberia Airlines 150 euro bike fee, for each bike carriage, one way to Lanzarote!!! Even though we packed light and our only luggage was our bikes weighing 18 kg each. (It is some “new rule” that “special baggage” gets 150 euro charge)

So, heads up. I would advise NOT to travel on Iberia Airlines. They suck.
We met 2 guys from Annacy also checking in at the same time as us to go to Lanzarote. Well, poor guys, they could’nt affrod that fee, so one went home and the other, (David, who knows you Erika) left his bike in Geneva and just had a holiday in Lanzarote instead!

Maybe I should thank Iberia Airlines, for fuelling my fire to race harder and make sure I earn money!!

I had a good 2 final days preparing for the race. Stephen did my adjustments to my bike so it was ready to go while also training his back side off! (he did not race so his knee could get better and he will be strong for his next races instead)
I again had my fire fuelled at the pre-race press conference. I turned up 5 mins to 4pm. The other girls flop in between 4.15pm and 4.30pm!! Well, I just thought thats dam rude to the organisers. But I should thank them too, as it showed me how dedicated they are to themselves.

On race day, my swim went fine. On the bike it was windy, but I expected it to be. I just tightly hung onto the handlebars when the wind blew. By 150km I was getting really tired. I just ate a bit more as I realised it takes alot of energy to ride up hill into gale force winds.
When I got off my bike, I realised within the 500m transition run in my socks that my run legs were there! Once my shoes were on, I got on with my job.
I caught the Canadian girl, Tara Norton by 9 miles, I think the report said. I cant remember. But I continued to concentrate as the race was not over till I crossed myself over the finish line. I had that Dutch girl who ran past me at Ironman Florida last year so I really did’nt want that to happen again.

I crossed the finish line in first place! It was definatly an amazingly exciting feeling. And met by Stephen and his Mum and Dad who had also come to watch. :)

The Awards was very pleasant. Except that was quite a marathon too! It started at 6pm and ended after 10pm! Earlier in the day I went and bought myself some new clothes and fancy shoes for the evening! All great except when I stepped onto the stage I slipped in these new fancy high heels! Abit embarrasing but I suppose gave the crowd something funny to watch!!

It is really nice to be home now, and I will just continue to train as I have been so I am ready to kill some more in the next part of the season :)

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