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IM Austria

I am just home and into my routine again after a quick road trip to Klagenfurt, Austria. Stephen and I saw a sign while we were there, advertising some Ironman about to take place. It involved swimming biking and running. And since we do alot of that sort of thing, we took part! We both ended up coming 2nd so it was quite a satisfying holiday really!

2,500 people took part! And crowds bigger than I have ever seen for a Triathlon. I was deaf by the end as the noise was so intence!

It was really hot, like 30 degrees the 3 days before but on race day a storm had blown in and it was cool, rainy and thunderstorms.
However the lake was like a warm bath but we still had to swim in our wetsuits. I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion whilst swimming.
On the bike I began to feel strong after 20km. I seemed to be catching the girls ahead faster than I have ever experienced before. I was in the lead by 70km! A bit strange for me. I did’nt really like it cos all of a sudden I was getting no splits, but at the same time, it was fun too!
On the run I seemed to be moving along well. But I was hearing that there was another girl running well about 1 km behind me. Someone called Sandra Wollenhorst who I met a few years back in Boulder. I did’nt think she would be a problem for me, but by 37km she had gotten within 200m of me. She passed me but I had nothing more to give so she beat me. I realised I was still going to have a fast time if I concentrated hard. So I kept my head together and got to the finish line in 8 hours 51 mins! Not bad!!!!
I was frustrated at the finish line as I had enjoyed the taste of nearly another Ironman win. And then some camera man that kept getting in my way was the final straw. But after punching him and crossing the line I felt a little better. Met by Stephen who had also come 2nd! He calmed me down and convinced me my race had been very good.

It was a great race in a great place. Well worth a trip to!

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