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Yesterday was IM UK 2008. I possibly felt a little nervous going into the race, for the first time this year I did’nt think of the race as “going on a little holiday”. Instead I thought of it as real war time. I wanted to win this one. Although I was nervous, I was confidant too.

I had had good training and recovery since EmbrunMan. I believed I was stronger that ever before and that the other girls should be worried!!!

I had a strong swim, once recovered from being pushed under in the freezing cold water of Sherbourne Castle lake. I came out the water and ran throo the slimy muddy field, then slipped in it and went face first into the mud! Great!?!!

I wrapped up warm on for the bike as in previous days in had been the storm from hell coming down.
I set off strong and gained the lead by about 30km. It felt fine to be in the lead, but once your in the lead, you have no idea what is going on behind. I just got on with my job and worked at all the hills they had included on the bike. It was windy and pot holes everywhere. One had to keep their heads switched on. It made for a really fair race though as no drafting was happening at all.

Once I got my run shoes on, I did’nt feel I had my normal speedy run legs, but what could I do except deal with the legs I had. I was going for the win. NO WAY was I going to give it away, so off I went. I put the sore legs to the back of my mind and got on with it. I had the company of Declan for most of the run! My run partner on the track last week! We were good company to each other for most of the marathon. The run is also challanging. It is hilly, windy, muddy and grassy wet fields! Fun!!!
My lead was gaining but I never really knew by how much. The last 10 miles hurt, but I never let anyone know. ..well, maybe it showed once I crossed the finish line!!

What an acheivemnt to have won that race again. Once apon a time I dreampt of doing things like this! But right now, my dream is real. My hard work is showing. But it never really feels “hard work”. It is fun work.

I was overwhelmed with emotion because Stephen had also won. What a magical day. He was brave and really raced tough. Giving it to his competition all day and on the run, coming out of transition and running off fast for once instead of going out easy! He left them all behind never to be seen again! :)
It has been a fun weekend. So many people giving us support. ThankYou EVERYONE for encouraging us so much.

Now I have to go as I have alot of packing and sorting out to do. We have a flight to Korea at 9pm tonight!

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