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2 days to go till the BIG one!!!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Stephen and my Wedding is this Saturday at Murrayshall House Hotel in Perth, Scotland!!
I am very excited! To be marrying Stephen is perfect, he is the best boy in the World!
Both our families and so many of our friends will be there!

It is 2 days to go now. Everything is done really. Just a few final touches to be done. Its funny, in a way, it is a bit like preparing for the Ironman World Championships! We have been preparing for this day for months. Now we take each day at a time and make sure we do the important things each day for our wedding to run smoothly.

Perth is a beautiful part of the World. Stephen and I are so happy to be able to spend some time here. Perth is a small city. It has everything you need but no huge traffic jams to have to deal with. The countryside is just minutes away in any direction you go. We have been enjoying some training here, its pretty chilly so its easiest to ride on our turbos. Running is brilliant and swimming would be brilliant too as the leisure centre here is a great facility, but they have this ridiculas rule that paddles are not allowed. Stephen and I are on the verge of being thrown out as we keep trying to squeeze in a 200 at least, but they keep seeing us. Arghhhhhh!!!

Next time I write I’ll be Bella Bayliss!! We’ll need to do some adjusting on this webite!!
We’ll sent some photos for you all to see next week!


Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

For 1 week now, I have been hanging out in Clearwater, Florida!
Stephen and I drove down here after Ironman Florida. It had been the plan since the beginning of 2008 that I would race Ironman Florida and Stephen would race 70.3 World Champs. It worked well as we could both be a support to each other in our final races of the year.
We booked a hotel from the recomeded list off the 70.3 website. When we arrived it was dark and we were just happy to arrive. Next day when we drove to the race site, it was another 10 miles away! Great recommendation 70.3!!!! Thanks!!! Its not like there is not enough hotels on the beach, it is jam packed with hotels down there!
Maybe 70.3 thought we might like to live amoungst the industrial sized shops for a while, we have on our doorstep, Super sized Target, Super sized Best Buy, Super sized Mattress shops, McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Fatburgers and much more!
We would have made more use of the beach, but we have giving some of these shops some good custom to help the poor American economy!

It was a new experience for me to be watching a race but I really enjoyed it, although I would have enjoyed it more if Stephen had had a great day. It was great to see Reinaldo and Erika out there and hanging tough.

Now we are on “holiday”. Our season is done! We dont “have” to train every minute of the day. But, …we dont know what to do with our selves! And I’m not happy unless I have swum, biked and run! So, we are swimming, biking and running!!
We found a great swimming pool, although yesterday they surprised us by closing for the day :(
I had to swim in the hotels paddling pool instead :(
Its not a great place to ride your bike here on Super sized shopping Highway. But we have found a frontage road on the side of a highway which has no cars. Its about 5km long each side so we ride up and down that! It is safe, but actually its good as it is right beside the water and we have seen dolphins 2 times now!
For running we have found a nice park now, but before we knew about the park I was running beside Super sized shopping Highway and the people here have never seen a girl run, especially one with long socks and a pink top on! Oh dear!!!?!

Today we drive back to Panama City Beach to drop our rental car off and get our flight back to Scotland! It is just over 2 weeks till we get married now! Its exciting! I think everything is ready but I am sure there is going to be some final things to do!
It is Stephen’s stag “do” this weekend. I am disapearing to Scotland to keep out the way! I hope his brother does’nt go too crazy on him.

5th win at Ironman Florida!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I am a happy girl today!!
Winning these races is beyond words. It is so special.

For the past 6 years I have loved my time at Panama City Beach, and this year there was not one bit of me that wanted to miss out on some Ironman Florida! So back I came, and I hung tough for another win!

I was a bit nervous before the start. But once under way it was ok. I missed the pack that I wanted to be in. I was on Park Hoons feet, (I knew it was him as he had a purple cap on like me!) and he was not strong enough. But after 800m I was able, on my own to make the back of that pack.

I felt ok on the bike. A bit better than in Hawaii. First thing was cold on the bike. Some of the other athletes that saw me must have been jeoulous of my big thick winter gloves and all my clothes! Ha haaaaa!!!
I rode 4.59, my own effort. No sitting in a big pack. The age group men never really caught me.

On the run from beginning to end I never had my running legs, my legs felt more like wood. But from 1 hour before the race, right to the very end I turn into a determined little bitch that no one should mess with. I stuck right in there, on my wooded legs, and held off the others.
For my 5th Ironman this year! Met at the finish line by Stephen, my number 1 support. He was the best out there.
Now it is my turn to be a number 1 support to him for his race next Saturday.