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5th win at Ironman Florida! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


5th win at Ironman Florida!

I am a happy girl today!!
Winning these races is beyond words. It is so special.

For the past 6 years I have loved my time at Panama City Beach, and this year there was not one bit of me that wanted to miss out on some Ironman Florida! So back I came, and I hung tough for another win!

I was a bit nervous before the start. But once under way it was ok. I missed the pack that I wanted to be in. I was on Park Hoons feet, (I knew it was him as he had a purple cap on like me!) and he was not strong enough. But after 800m I was able, on my own to make the back of that pack.

I felt ok on the bike. A bit better than in Hawaii. First thing was cold on the bike. Some of the other athletes that saw me must have been jeoulous of my big thick winter gloves and all my clothes! Ha haaaaa!!!
I rode 4.59, my own effort. No sitting in a big pack. The age group men never really caught me.

On the run from beginning to end I never had my running legs, my legs felt more like wood. But from 1 hour before the race, right to the very end I turn into a determined little bitch that no one should mess with. I stuck right in there, on my wooded legs, and held off the others.
For my 5th Ironman this year! Met at the finish line by Stephen, my number 1 support. He was the best out there.
Now it is my turn to be a number 1 support to him for his race next Saturday.

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