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December 2008 « Bella Bayliss's Blog


December 2008

November has been and gone! It was such a busy and exciting month it flew by, in what felt like, seconds!!

November started on my birthday! November 1st. I gave my self an amazing birthday present by winning Ironman Florida for the 5th time! Winning Ironman Florida also happened to be my 5th Ironman win of 2008! Its been an outstanding year. Once apon a time I dreampt of winning a triathlon! Suddenly I have won 11 Ironman events !!! However, I am greedy, and motivated. I believe I have a lot more to give and much more success to follow.

After Ironman Florida Stephen and I went to Clearwater for the World 70.3 Champs. I was excited to watch and support Stephen in his race. Unfortunately he did not have a good day. Afterwards we disected his day, learnt and moved on. Frustrating as it was, he has also had an outstanding year, so we will remember that and be excited for 2009!

To finish off November Stephen and I got married!
What an exciting and special day that was. We had both our families and so many of our friends together at a beautiful country hotel in Scotland. The day was perfect and even better than we imagined it to be!
The day whizzed by in a fairy tale dream! We are now enjoying being Mr and Mrs Bayliss!

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