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I wont be entering any winter triathlon races in the near future! « Bella Bayliss's Blog


I wont be entering any winter triathlon races in the near future!

Stephen and I arrived to our lovely little home here in Leysin, Switzerland a few days ago! We love it here. It is beautiful and it has everything we need right on our doorstep.

Stephen loves to think up ideas on what we should do next, ..well, 2 months ago, he thought it would be a great idea to do a winter triathlon, with a 10km x-coutry ski, a 10km mountain bike and a 10km run, ..or something like that. I just said, “yes darling, whatever” ..to keep him quiet. :)

Well, yesterday we tried some x-country skiing, as it is also something Boss has told us to do in the winter.

Years ago, when I was a kid, my Mum and Dad used to take my sister and I x-country skiing. Amber and I would be happy enough to do it, but we would have prefered to do the “cool” type of skiing, ..down hill. But Mum and Dad did’nt do the cool skiing!
I remember always having cold feet and I remember it always being an all day affair! Mum and Dad would take us up the Scottish Glens and we would be out all day! Amber and I were a bit wimpy and only wanted to be out a while! Or my Mum and Dad were a bit crazy!

Anyway, yesterday we rented some x-county skiis. We took ourselves to the great ski track they have here in the winter.
I got the skiis on and off I went, having to wait for Stephen who kept falling over!
I was doing fine for the first 300m, till I hit a steep part of the track. I seemed to loose control completely. BANG. CRASH. Arghhhhh!!!
We continued for another couple of hours. It was fun. But today I am cursing! I have very sore muscles. ..but dont worry Boss, I did my run today and there is no serious problems! I think we will stick to swim bike run and be safe!
I’ll just watch the skiiers from a distance and admire how easy they make it look!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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