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Milo Half Marathon

Yesterday TeamTBB raced the Milo Half Marathon right here in Subic Bay. Last year the race took place an hour and a halfs drive from here, but this year it was held on our doorstep!
All we had to do was get up at 3.30am, ride our bikes down the hill and start the race for a sharp 5.30am.
The gun went off at 5.31am and off we ran into the darkness, but well lit by street lights. Unfortunatly some of the Team had been told it was a 6am start so there were a few sprinting for the start line, …we have nightmares about exactly that!!

It was a good race and for us that have been training in Subic Bay a lot over the last 2 years, it was a very familier course over our training grounds. So being in the dark was no problem as we know the bumps and pot holes off the back of our hands!

On the way out to the 10km point, the organisers were kind and put a regular 4 drinks stations out. But on the way home, there only seemed to be 1 drinks station! So I must say, the last 4 miles were getting pretty thirsty!! Luckily we started at 5.30am and not 10.30am!!!

TeamTBB filled the top positions on the podiums. There was even a bit of prize money to collect so that made us smile :)

Back to training as normal. For me, my next rae is Ironman NZ on March 7th.

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