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after reading Rowel’s blog… « Bella Bayliss's Blog


after reading Rowel’s blog…

After reading Rowel’s blog, I feel motivated to write a few words myself.
Every day I see Rowel swim. And Jocelyn too. I may look like I dont notice you, but I do!
Only a few years ago, I was in a similer position to you in the pool.
When I first joined the squad, it was in San Carlos, Brazil, I was not a good swimmer. I was the slowest in the pool, and I always felt it was a real battle to do the sessions.
Everyone else seemed to zoom along. I even remember one day, where I was left at the pool to finish the set off, ..I had to walk home after every one else had got the bus home :(

With my legs tied together with a bike inner tube, my arms would ache like hell!
I remember telling Boss “I cant move my arms above my shoulders today Boss”
…the remedy, ..more swimming!!
Anyway, a few years on, after sticking in there and giving my best every day in the pool, I have improved. Even though Boss still calls me a “pleb swimmer”, I now come out the water in a decent position in an ironman race. Of course I am still working at swimming, ..to be better and stronger, but I have improved.
If you stick in there, and work hard, your dreams can come true.

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