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my win at ironman Lanzarote!

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Yesterday was Ironman Lanzarote.
It was my 3rd time racing this Ironman. In 2003 I came 3rd, last year I won, and yesterday I won it again!
Ironman Lanzarote is known as the “World’s toughest Ironman”
It is a huge achievement to have won this race again.

I went into the race having had 6 good weeks training here on the island. I definatly felt stronger, but at the same time a little nervous because it is scary going to war.
I planned to attack the swim as best I could. I tried not to loose too much time. I thought I had swum slow, but looking at the results now, it was’nt so bad! I was 3rd out the water just 3 minutes 30 from Hillary Biscay and Rachel Joyce.
I tried to ride my bike at my own effort rather than getting caught up with trying to “race” the other girls. I went my own speed and did’nt panick when I was caught by a few girls. At times it felt hard when the wind was blowing from the side or in the face, but I just worked away with it.
I came off the bike in 5th place but with my running legs!
I set to work and into the lead within 10km, all I had to do was control it to the finish line. The last 10km was a hard effort but really really worth it in the end!
I ran 3.04, the same time as my best run which was at Ironman Austria last year.
That time broke the run course record that Paula Newby Fraser had here, ..3.09.12 in 2005. So that was an achievement too!
I did’nt realise how much effort that took, I was exhausted last night! I am coming around now and enjoying a relaxing day today!

Stephen and my 7 weeks here in Lanzarote is almost over. It is a special place to me! Of course I am a bit biased having won 2 Ironmans here, but it is a beautiful place to have been for this time. I will be sad to leave on Tuesday, but at the same time excited to be going back to Leysin as we have not been at our home for 5 months now!

Pre Ironman Lanzarote week

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

On Saturday I will race Ironman Lanzarote for the 3rd time.

In 2002 I raced Ironman Lanzarote and I was trying to think of the things that I could remember from that race! One thing that I remember is that I raced 6 days before in Ibiza for the World long distance Championships (where I had a good race being pipped at the finish line in a sprint for 3rd place, I finished 4th) For the Ibiza race I remember thinking that if I dont wear socks for the run I will have a fast transition!! Well, I had a fast transition but my shoes had to be cut off at the end as my feet were so bloody and blistered. Anyway, off I went to Lanzarote and the organisers were unsure I should race with the state of my feet! I told them “I would be fine!”

During the ride I had no idea where the course would take me, I remember asking guys who were riding close to me “how much further do you think the finish is?” I remember them saying, “oh, a long way yet, your not even at the Miridor yet” I thought “Eeeeek this is a hard ride!!!!”
I finished 3rd that year.

Last year I raced Ironman Lanzarote again. Stephen was not racing but there to support me instead. I enjoyed having him there to support me.
I could not really remember the ride from 2002, so again I could’nt really remember what would be around the next corner.
I ended up having a great race and winning last years Ironman, that was a very special win.
This year I wont have the same “not knowing where I am” on the bike as Stephen and I have been riding on the course for 6 weeks now! I know every corner, every pot hole and how the wind can blow and where it is best to hold onto the handlebars real tight in case the wind blows them from you!

I have been really impressed with the Ironman organisation and the race registration, expo, etc has not even started yet!! 10 days before the race the bike course was sign posted up. Not just 1 sign at every junction, but at least 3 to guide people around the course!
What other race does that? I have raced a lot of races now and I can not name one other race that does this! Sometimes a race will start out with good intensions and start to sign post the course, only to get bored half way throo signposting and give up! So when we are out there trying to ride some of the course, we are merrily taken into the middle of no-where and left to find your own way! I can think of more than 1 occasion where I have got lost on the bike the day before the race!
Anyway, time to go, Lots to do…
oh and I have to go and see my new friend, the kitten. I could have made many friends with people while staying here at Club La Santa, but I have chosen to make friends with a tiny kitten that has no mum! :(
I am his new Mum, I am not sure what will happen next week when we leave the island.

My Win at the Volcano International Triathlon!!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

I just raced the Volcano International Triathlon here at Club La Santa, Lanzarote. It was an Olympic distance non drafting race. Not really my thing! but the race was right on our doorstep and I decided it would be a good session to do, so I did it!
I went has hard as I could! I was 3rd woman out of the water.
I caught Tina Bowmen after 10km, and she stayed with me till I caught the girl with the surname of “Vesterby”
I let Tina come round for the last 8km.
On the run Tina went out hard, but I stayed on her shoulder till I heard her breathing heavy at 2km, then I went into 5th gear and stuck it to her where it hurt!!

It feels great to have won this race after having had a couple of testing races, at Ironman New Zealand and Ironman South Africa. I will enjoy this, but of course continue with the training with no big head!

This race was a pleasure to take part in, Club La Santa, Kenneth Gasque and Isabelle Janssens do a great job.

Ok, time to go, Stephen and I have a lap of honour around the island on our bikes now!! :)